Expedition to the Sahara: to the Tuareg of Essendilen and to the Martian landscapes of Tadrart Rouge


November 1 — 10, 2024
Tour Algeria

Sahara, the Tuareg, Algeria, Africa, Tadrart Rouge Tuareg of Essendilene Tin Merzouga tour to Algeria

Have you ever run along the legendary Singing dune - Tin Merzouga, felt the silence of the erg sand sea? Have you watched the sunrise among the red sands and stone castles or danced to Tuareg tam-tam?

Algeria is the largest country in Africa with a rich heritage of ancient times. It is picturesque landscapes, fantastic splendor of landscapes and national beauty.

Let's experience the mysterious atmosphere of one of the most unexplored Maghreb countries with an expedition to the Tuareg of Essendilene and the Martian landscapes of Tadrart Rouge!

Country full of contrasts, with desert giant dunes, stunning rivers, misty mountains and impenetrable jungles, that has huge diversity of traditional tribes barely known to the outside world. Angola's path to international exposure has just began, and our ethnic expedition have unique chance to immerse into indigenous cultures of 9 most fascinating tribes of Angola, including iconic Himba, Muila, Hakaona, Cubal, Ngendelengo and San Bushmen.

Dates: November 1 — 10, 2024

Duration: 10 days / 9 nights

Number of participants: 7 – 12

Cost per person:
- EUR 2 190 subject to 11 – 12 participants, or
- EUR 2 390 subject to 9 — 10 participants or
- EUR 2 590 subject to 7 — 8 participants, based on double accommodation.

10% early booking discount (in case you book before June 1, 2024)

Everything is included (also domestic flights Algiers – Djanet – Algiers, full board), except for:
- international flight to Algiers roundtrip
- one-entry Algerian visa (to be obtained in Algerian consulate in your country at some 40 EUR or free of charge at the border with preliminary visa procedures. The conditions may change.)
- international medical insurance
- dinners and lunches in Algiers city.

Estimated cost of international flight Moscow – Algiers – Moscow: EUR 500 – 900 (to be bought on your own. We consult you).

Single supplement in hotels: EUR 220


tour Algeria

DAY 1. November 1, 2024 (FRIDAY). Moscow (other city) – Algiers

Departure from Moscow or any other city.
Arrival in the city of Algiers in the afternoon or late in the night of November 1.
Transfer to the hotel. Rest and overnight.

* Recommended flight to Algiers:
— Air Algerie direct flight from Moscow, departs from Moscow at 16:00 on November 1, arrives in Algiers at 18:55 on November 1,
— Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, departs from Moscow at 15:55 on November 1, arrives in Algiers at 23:25 on November 1,
— Egypt Air via Cairo, departs from Moscow at 2:45 pm on November 1, arrives in Algiers at 12:25 pm on November 1,
— or any other flight arriving in Algiers no later than 18:00 on November 1 (Friday).

Meals: no
Accommodation: Hotel Des Beaux Arts or similar, TWIN/DBL accommodation

DAY 2. November 2, 2024 (SATURDAY). Algiers — Djanet

After breakfast, we embark on a city tour of Algiers. We will visit beautiful Casbah — the old city centre dates back to 9th century, with its narrow side streets and observation desks with the view of Mediterranean Sea.
Visit to the famous Mosque of Sidi Abdrahman.
After lunch in the traditional restaurant, visit to the church of Notre Damme d'Afrique.
Then quick dinner with kabab of another popular Algerian street food (in the area of airport or in the down town) and transfer to the airport for the direct flight to Djanet.
Departure for Djanet with Air Algerie at 22:15. Arrival in Djanet at 0:30 am on November 3 (The flight schedule may change, which may involve the slight change of the program).
Meet local team, jump to the SUVs and transfer to the hotel Grotto des Ambassadeurs. Overnight in the hotel.

Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: hotel Grotto des Ambassadeurs or similar, TWIN/DBL accommodation

DAY 3. November 3, 2024 (SUNDAY). Djanet – Tin-Aressou – El Beirdj Wadi (180 km, 5 – 6 hours driving)

Breakfast in the hotel. Last shopping and jump to the SUVs to set off to the wild – to Tadrart Rouge area. Arrival at our first bivouac in Tin-Aressou for lunch.
After lunch, continue travelling to Tadrart. We follow the cliffs of Tassili, then cross the Tassili of Imaharatène. A few banks of golden sand, then the high dunes on the cliff announce the entrance to the El Beirdj Wadi. Through the Elbeirdj canyon we enter to Tadrart Rouge area.
Dinner from our chef. Overnight in bivouac at El Beirdj Wadi.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tent and basic shower, single accommodation

DAY 4. November 4, 2024 (MONDAY). El Beirdj Wadi – Petroglyphs — Moul N'Aga Dunes (80 km, 3 hours driving)

After breakfast, we follow the immense canyon of El Beirdj, whose cliffs carved by the erosion are home to numerous frescoes and rock engravings. Here we explore cliff painting and engravings of different periods , which gives us full picture of prehistory of Sahara.
After the sumptuous orange dunes of Moul N'aga breathtaking descent from a huge dune with a slope of 45 degrees into a small valley. Here we can also take a very scenery walk onto the big dunes with the smashing view into the sand, arches and other natural rocks work.
Here we have unforgettable sunset. In this area in November we can observe just a small vegetation in the form of a bright green thorn, and if we are lucky, we will see camels.
Bivouac at Moul N'aga with very beautiful and classical view of Algerian Sahara. Huge yellow dunes cover the remains of the ancient Plateau – it is one of the most beautiful places in the Sahara desert.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tent and basic shower, single accommodation

DAY 5. November 5, 2024 (TUESDAY). Moul N'Aga Dunes – Arches of Tamezguida – Dunes Tin Merzouga (70 km, ­­­­­3 hours driving)

Early rise, a sip of burning coffee, the sunrise over the amphitheater of dunes and rocks.
We leave Moul N'Aga towards the site of In Tehakpar Bouhedien, which runs along magnificent dunes forming an incredible palette of colors in a festival of reds. Monumental arches stand in the middle of the valleys and canyons with surprising walls are dug in the ocher and sandy rock.
Visit Wannahar big giraffe engraving and some other curios engravings.
Continuing the adventure through a succession of Tassilian landscapes of great beauty leads us to the Arches of Tamezguida.
Taking pictures in front of the Ark that has a shape of a map of Africa, and sandstone sculptures in the shape of a hedgehog and a "Liberty Statue" how do type local people call it.
Through a maze of deep canyons, we progress towards the immense circus of Tin Merzouga, whose cords of dunes extend to infinity, haloed in red at sunset.
Legendary dune Tin Merzouga is also called the Singing Dune. From the strong wind, the sand is compacted, and if you run down this dune, you will hear a low rumble from the depths of a huge dune.
We walk onto the huge dune in order to see the full area from above. This place is amazing both for sunset and sunrise photography.
Overnight among the dunes of Tin Merzouga with perfect classical view.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tent and basic shower, single accommodation

DAY 6. November 6, 2024 (WEDNESDAY). Tin Merzouga Dunes – Circus Tin Merzouga and labyrinth – In Tehak Dunes — Narrow Canyon — Adjalati dunes (Tadrart Exit) (some 120 km, 4 hours driving)

Sunrise among red sands and stone castles of Tin Merzouga. The most beautiful sunrises are here.
Discovery on foot of the reliefs "à la Giacometti" of the Cirque de Ouan n'Aguen, where the multicolored sands encircle finely chiseled sandstone sculptures. The Tuareg call this area "the Circus". This area amazes with its virgin beauty and incredible Martian landscape. Green desert watermelons add to the surrealism of this place.
Visit to the circle circus-like place with a "World Cup" rock and canyon resembling a labyrinth. By a maze of wadis interspersed with dunes, in the afternoon we reach with our 4WD vehicles the impenetrable dunes of In Tehak. Explore the dunes with classical Sahara views.
Continue driving to the very narrow canyon where sometimes people have to twist in order to pass the narrow parts. Keep driving to the exit from Tadrart. Overnight nearby Adjalati dune at the very edge of Tadrart where the red sands turn into black mountains.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tent and basic shower, single accommodation

DAY 7. November 7, 2024 (THURSDAY). Tadrart Rouge – Adaik Martian landscape – Erg Admer (220 km, 5 hours driving)

Morning at the Adjalati dune, where in the light or the rising sun we can make out last photo session in Tadrart.
After our days in Tadrart, we leave the site towards the western part of the desert and its wonders.
After lunch in Adaik, we will meet here Touareg people with the camel caravan. Photography session in Martial landscape of Adaik with sharpen black rocks popped up from the plane yellow sands.
Late in the afternoon reach Erg Admer huge yellow sand dunes. We cross some dunes to spend the night in bivouac.
After sunset, the Touareg will show us how they cook their bread or meat in the sand. This process is really long, and we have the opportunity not only to take pictures of the bread cooking, but also to chat with the Touareg about their life in the desert.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tent and basic shower, single accommodation

DAY 8. November 8, 2024 (FRIDAY). Erg Admer Dunes — Essendilene canyon — Touareg traditional camp in Essendilene — Folklor program in Essendilene (70 km, 2 hours driving)

Morning photography of the dunes of Erg Admer at sunrise, picturing the huge dunes enlightened with the soft rays of sunlight.
After breakfast, we continue driving to Essendilene (about 1 hour).
Visit to the narrow canyon, as well as Guelta. In this season the water level is low and guelta is really of small size but it is situated in a truly beautiful place and accommodated some underwater live. Lunch break. In the afternoon return way up to the traditional camp to see Touaregs' way of life and buy some souvenirs.
We camp nearby the Touareg village perched on the slopes of extraterrestrial rock formations. This night we can make some photography of the Milky Way with this Martian background.
This evening, before sunset, we have folklore program right in our overnight camp in Essendilene: Touareg Battle dance and Sebiba-like dance, with the participation of 2 professional troops consisted of men and women. Evening Touareg portrait photography session.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tent and basic shower, single accommodation

DAY 9. November 9, 2024 (SATURDAY). Touareg village camp in Essendilene (some 80 km, ­­­­­2.5 hours driving) — Erg Admer — Tillilene Rockgarden — Tegharghart — Djanet — Algiers

Before sunrise we drive some 20 minutes to Erg Admer dunes for sunrise photography of the dunes with unearthly rocky background, with our Touareg drivers.
After breakfast, we continue exploring the area with absolutely extraterrestrial landscapes, driving through reddish rocky canyon, stopping at the big arch very similar to the Elephant arch in Ennedi, Chad (of a bit different scale though), in the surrealistic place with dunes and rocks popped up from it, resembling Desierto de Dali in Bolivian Altiplano, and in the Tillilene Rockgarden, surrounded with the eroded rocks of any bizarre forms looking similar to American Monument Valley.
After lunch in the desert, we reach the site Tegharghart. Visit the most famous rock engravings of the cow that peels.
Driving back to Djanet for souvenir shopping.
We come back to Grotto des Ambassadeurs (or similar hotel), where we have 3 rooms for our team in order to take shower.
Drive to the open air local restaurant or to the desert where we have traditional Touareg Camel dance. Photography and then full sheep BBQ dinner.
At 22:00 transfer to the airport (1 hour driving, please note that the flight schedule may change) and flight to the capital. Departure at 1:30 am on November 10. Arrival in the city of Algiers at 5:30 am on November 10.
Transfer to the hotel in Algiers city center and overnight.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Des Beaux Arts or similar, TWIN/DBL accommodation

DAY 10. November 10, 2024 (SUNDAY). Algiers – International return flight

Late check-out from the hotel and breakfast (if you're on time).
Free time in Algiers.
Transfer to the airport to catch return international flight.

* Recommended International flight:
— with Air Algerie direct flight, departing from Algeria at 20:30 on November 10, arriving in Moscow at 3:10 on November 11,
— with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, departing Algiers at 11:20 am on November 10, arriving in Moscow at 0:45 am on November 11,
— with Egypt Air via Cairo, departing Algiers at 13:25 on November 10, arriving in Moscow at 14:45 am on November 11,
— any other flight departing from Algeria no earlier than 12:00 on November 10.

Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: no


  • Domestic flight Algiers – Djanet round trip
  • 3 times a day meals: breakfast , lunch , dinner and unlimited drinking water and tea, including services of the cook and helper of the chef
  • 1 time BBQ with 1 sheep of regular size
  • TWIN/DBL accommodation in hotel in Algiers and Djanet with breakfast
  • Single accommodation in tents (or DBL for couples if requested) with mats
  • Basic tourist shower in the desert every day
  • Full drive cars Toyota Land Cruiser or similar, with professional drivers, fuel, working air conditioner and comfortable accommodation (max 3 pax in 1 car, i.e. 2 pax on the back seat of each car)
  • airport transfers in Djanet and Algiers
  • English speaking guide
  • Pre-visa for South Algeria or, if you prefer visa in Algerian embassy in your country — invitation letter for visa
  • all permissions
  • Essendilene Touareg folklore and photo sessions: 3 groups including Camel dance, Battle dance and Sebiba-like dance
  • Photo session of the camel caravan (at least 6 camels)


  • international flight to Algiers roundtrip
  • one-entry Algerian visa (to be obtained in Algerian consulate in your country at some 40 EUR or free of charge at the border with preliminary visa procedures. The conditions may change)
  • international medical insurance
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, souvenirs, personal items
  • tips
  • single supplement in hotels


  • Wear sets fitting weather conditions
  • At least one or two warm sets
  • Long sleeve wear set
  • Comfortable closed shoes and open shoes
  • Forehead torch
  • Big backpack for luggage
  • Small backpack for personal items and camera
  • Sleeping bag for +5 degrees C (can be cool in the night)
  • Mosquito net for sleeping place (is a must!)
  • Repellents
  • Sunblock set: cream, sunglasses, cap
  • Sandblock set: desert glasses, buff/mask (up to you)
  • Personal hygiene items (soap, toilet paper, towel, wet tissues, hygiene lipstick, etc.)
  • Personal medical kit (analgesics, sanitizers, rehydration, antiviral, antibiotics, your personal medicine)
  • Anti-malaria preventive pills (up to you to decide)
  • Photo and video camera, tripod
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