Ethnic expedition with ethnologist to Javari riverhead to "jaguar people" -
Matses Indians


November 21 to December 6, 2024
Tour Amazon, Peru

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tour to Amazon Indians with ethnologist
Expedition for true romantics, those who have been always dreaming of getting to the deepest wild of Amazon Selva. After dropping off by the aircraft piloting by Peruvian army, two days by boat upstream of tributaries of Javari river in its upper reach, close to Brazilian border we will reach community house of Matses Indians, where we will stay for a week and dive deep to the everyday life and culture of "jaguar people", as some people call this tribe.

Tour to Amazon. Expedition for true romantics, those who have been always dreaming of getting to the deepest wild of Amazon Selva. After dropping off by the aircraft piloting by Peruvian army, two days by boat upstream of tributaries of Javari river in its upper reach, close to Brazilian border we will reach community house of Matses Indians, where we will stay for a week and dive deep to the everyday life and culture of "jaguar people", as some people call this tribe.

Dates: November 21 – December 6, 2024

Duration: 16 days / 15 nights

Number of participants: 5 – 9

Cost per person:
– 5 190 USD subject to 9 participants, or
– 5 650 USD subject to 8 participants, or
– 6 490 USD subject to 6 – 7 participants, based on twin/double accommodation.

10% early booking discount (in case you book before June 21, 2024)

Everything is included except for:
- international flight to Lima,
- medical insurance,
- lunches and dinners in Lima and Iquitos.

Estimated flight cost from Paris / Madrid / Amsterdam to Lima roundtrip: 800 – 1200 USD.
Estimated flight cost from Moscow to Lima roundtrip: 1800 – 2200 USD.
Estimated total cost for lunches and dinners in Lima and Iquitos: about 200 USD.

Single supplement: 420 USD (provided in Lima and Iquitos only).

TRAVEL PROGRAM: tour to Amazonia Peru

Day 1. November 21, 2024. Arrival in Lima

Arrival in Lima. Transfer and accommodation in a 3* Hotel San Agustin Riviera in the area of Plaza de Armas, the very heart of Lima.
Dinner in the authentic local cafe, where you can try kui - traditional Peruvian meal, the ordinary guinea pig and drink pisco, local spirit.

Meals: no
Accommodation: Hotel San Agustin Riviera 3*

* Recommended flights to Lima:
— with LATAM Chile from Bogota, arrival in Lima at 21:30 on November 21,
— with KLM from Amsterdam, arrival in Lima at 19:15 on November 21,
— with Copa Airlines from Panama City, arrival in Lima at 12:45 pm on November 21,
— or any other flight with arrival in Lima any time on November 21.

Day 2. November 22, 2024. Lima

After breakfast we start our saturated with activities day. We start exploring the colonial capital of Peru from the main square – Plaza de Armas. We head to the La Merced church, the Cathedral with the tomb of the famous conquistador Pizarro and the art museum, the Franciscan monastery with catacombs and a library. Visit to La Muralla park and Casa de Alliaga - the museum-mansion of the conquistador.
Also, if you wish, we can visit local favelas.

Meals: breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel San Agustin Riviera 3*

Day 3. November 23, 2024. Flight to Amazonia

After breakfast set out for the airport. Peru is a wonderful country, it takes only one hour and we move from dry seashore to humid evergreen tropics. Flight to Iquitos, the capital of Peruvian Amazonia. Accommodation in Hotel Casa Morey 4*, housed in historical building with high ceilings, swimming pool and beautiful patio.
Getting into acquaintance with the town. Meeting with the guide who will lead us to Galves river. Discussion of the further expedition plan. Taking rest in the hotel. In Iquitos we can leave the stuff that we don't need during our trip to Matses in the jungles.

Meals: breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel Casa Morey 4*

Day 4. November 24, 2024. Iquitos

After breakfast and sorting the luggage (we will take to the jungle only the most urgently needed), we will walk around Iquitos, visit ethnological museum of indigenous peoples of Amazonia, local market and the huge village ща Belen Baha on Amazon river where people live in the dwellings on stilts. In the evening we will meet our guide to jungle, have a nice time together in a cozy cafe on the quay of the old Amazon stream bed, enjoying sunset and local cuisine.

Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel Casa Morey 4*

Day 5. November 25, 2024. Getting to Javari basin

Flight by charter hydroplane (4 seats aircraft, so we may take 2 or 3 flights), from the airport of Iquitos to Colonia Angamos, small village, situated on Javari river. Here we start the main part of our expedition. We can learn everyday life of Matses Indians who live together with mestizos in Colonia Angamos. Accommodation in a typical Amazonian "hotel": plank floor and walls, bed made of planks with a mosquito net over it, rain water shower. In the evening we can walk out to Javari river bank and enjoy the view.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: local house

Day 6. November 26, 2024. Travel along Galves river

Early in the morning we load our baggage to the boat and together with Matses guides set out up the river Javari and its tributary Galves. The river trip takes at least 8 hours. We can stop in one of Matses villages situated on the river banks and see their life. By the evening we reach Matses village Buen Peru, where we will stay for the night in the house of our captain.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: local house

Day 7. November 27, 2024. First acquaintance with Matses

We spend half day in Buen Peru village, where we can learn today life of Matses.
In the afternoon we set out for the river trip again. We will enter a small left tributary of Galves – Loboyaku river. The river trip takes about 3-4 hours. There is Matses maloka in its upstream, which is the goal of our travel. Loboyaku is not more than 20 meters wide. On its banks we will see gorgeous rainforest, animals and birds of Amazonia. In the afternoon we will reach the maloka, meet Matses living there. We can accommodate in the maloka together with Matses or in a shack nearby.
This is the last generation of Matses in Peru, living in a completely traditional way.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: maloka or hut

Days 8 – 12. November 28 – December 2, 2024. Living in maloka of Matses Indians

We will spend a few days in the heart of the great Amazonian forest together with Matses. Time will stop for us. We will communicate with Matses, learn their culture. We can go to the jungle with hunters, some of them still hunt using only bow and arrows. We will go for fishing on canoe made of a whole wood, learn how they grow the garden, make traps and, catch caymans and, if we are lucky, even anaconda. In the dark around a bonfire we will listen Matses stories of their history and everyday life.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: maloka or hut

Day 13. December 3, 2024. Travel along Loboyaku and Galves river back to Angamos

Today we are leaving Matses maloka and go downstream Loboyaku and Galves rivers up to Javari and coming back to Colonia Angamos. The river trip takes the whole day. We have quick lunch en route. We stay for the night in the local house.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: local house

Day 14. December 4, 2024. Back to Iquitos

Today we return from Colonia Angamos to Iquitos by hydroplane with charter flight (4 seats aircraft, so we may take 2 or 3 flights). We'll take off from Javari and land on Amazon river!
Transfer and accommodation in Hotel Casa Morey 4* in Iquitos, on the river bank. Well-deserved rest around the swimming pool, walks around and chance to buy souvenirs on local market.

Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel Jungle House 3*

Day 15. December 5, 2024. Come back from Amazonia

Today we return to Lima. Transfer and accommodation in beautiful Hotel Casa Suyay 3* in Miraflores district. Miraflores is a modern touristic area, located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. We'll take a stroll through the evening Miraflores and have dinner at one of the colorful restaurants in the area. If you wish, we can go to the ocean shore.
Also, as an alternative program, those who are interested can visit the ancient pyramid of the Lima culture in Miraflores or the Larco Museum, or take a tour across Miraflores by the open tourist bus.

Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel Casa Suyay 3*

Day 16. December 6, 2024. Return flight

After hot and humid jungle we are on a seashore. After breakfast, we will walk along the picturesque quay and swim in cool water of the Pacific Ocean.
Transfer to the airport and afternoon flight home from Lima.

Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: no

* Recommended flights back from Lima:
— with KLM to Amsterdam, departure from Lima at 21:15 on December 6,
— with Air France to Paris, departure from Lima at 21:50 on December 6,
— with LATAM Chile to Bogota, departure from Lima at 8:20 am on December 6,
— or any other flight with departure from Lima any time (but better in the afternoon) on December 6.

*The participant of expedition to Matses must be motivated to be respectful to Matses culture, be aware of the goals of the trip and possible program changes depending on weather conditions, be in a good shape and able to adapt to the new environment and culture.

** It should be noted that, although the flight from Iquitos to Colonia Angamos and back is charter hydroplane, it is always subject to weather conditions and can be rescheduled.

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    We had already two successful film tours with Alex and must say: Alex is THE guy!
    Excellent planning and even better people we met along the tours to Niger and Amazonia. Pretty sure it won´t be our last expedition with Mzungu.
    Keep up with your good work & all the best!
Cost includes:

· flight Lima – Iquitos – Lima
· charter flight Iquitos – Colonia Angamos – Iquitos by hydroplane
· double/twin accommodation in good 3* hotels in Lima and 4* hotels in Iquitos
· camping accommodation (or in maloka upon requst) in the tribe and in Colonia Angamos
· 3 times a day meals in maloka and Colonia Angamos
· breakfasts in Lima and Iquitos
· motor boat, motor drivers, cook
· all transport to support the program (airport transfers, taxis, boats)
· camping equipment (tent or mosquito net, dishware, cutlery)
· team leader professional ethnologist throughout the trip
· professional local English speaking guide and Matses crew (days 6-13)
· all entrance fees and activities according to the program
· financial support of Matses community

Cost excludes (to be additionally paid):

· international flight to Lima roundtrip
· international medical insurance
· lunches and dinners in Lima and Iquitos
· personal expenses
· tips
· single supplement

To take with:

· two wear sets (trousers, long sleeve shirt, T-shirt, underwear, socks, sun hat (broad-breemed one is better);
· shoes: 1) light ones for the city; 2) high rubber boots (waterproof) for jungles; 3) snickers or sandal shoes for time with Matses; shoes must be comfortable and hard wearing;
· light jacket;
· raincoat;
· swimsuits;
· sun glasses and sun protection cream;
· personal medical kit (analgesics, sanitizers, antibiotics, your personal medicine);
· personal hygiene means, incl. towel, hygiene tissues, soap;
· forehead torch;
· travel backpack (better waterproof), 60-80 liters capacity;
· small backpack for persocal stuff and photo/video cameras;
· sleeping bag for warm weather conditions,
· tourist sleeping mat;
· anti mosquito net (is a must!);
· variuos anti moskito repellents;
· anti malaria prevention medication (up to you, but recommended);
· yellow fever certificate;
· waterproof case for the documents;
· photo and video cameras, drone (it is better to take small ones) and waterproof case for it
· additional battaries for cameras, powerbank

Amazon, Peru

Best season: all year round

You can watch primeval rainforest of Amazon basin. You will see plants and animals which you saw before on TV, or about which you only read in books.

Exciting canoe trip on Loboyaky river, tributary of Galves river. You can watch grey and pink river dolphins in the place where black waters of Galves are being mixed with yellow ones of Loboyaku.

You will learn the culture of Matses, indigenous inhabitants of Peruvian jungles. You will go hunting to jungles together with Matses hunters. You will try the taste of hog in armor's meat.

We will go fishing with Matses and catch piranha or trahira, a famous wolf fish.

You will see Matses health gaining ceremonies: men insert poisoned mucus of special kind of tree-frog under their skin and blow tobacco mixed with lots of other various ingredients in the nose to each other.

We'll take off from Javari and land on Amazon river.

When it gets dark you will see myriads of stars. Near the fire we will listen Matses legends and hunting stories as well as stories of Mzungu of his expeditions to Indians of Amazonia and beyond.

In the beginning and in the end of our journey we will enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean, we will see the ancient pyramid of Lima culture; visit historical center of Lima, which is in the list of Unesko World Heritage Sites.
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