Adventurous journey on the unique ice of Lake Baikal
and Siberian taiga


March 5 to 10, 2022
Tour Lake Baikal, Russia

Baikal expedition Tour to Baikal lake Ice tour Winter tour to Baikal Explore Russia tour to Siberia

Adventurous jorney to Baikal
If you have a dream to see the Great Russian lake, winter is definetely the best time for it! Incredible, sparkling ice kingdom of various forms and colors! Our trip to winter Baikal is skating on Baikal mirror, driving by hovercraft, dog sledges riding, trip on quad bikes or snowmobiles on Baikal ice and taiga, acquaintance with local culture and cuisine, which immerses you into the winter atmosphere of real Siberian adventures.

If you have a dream to see the Great Russian lake, winter is definetely the best time for it! Incredible, sparkling ice kingdom of various forms and colors! Our trip to winter Baikal is skating on Baikal mirror, driving by hovercraft, dog sledges riding, trip on quad bikes or snowmobiles on Baikal ice and taiga, acquaintance with local culture and cuisine, which immerses you into the winter atmosphere of real Siberian adventures.
Etjnologist works throughout the whole trip with the team.


Dates: March 5 to 10, 2022

: 6 days / 5 nights

Number of participants: 4 – 7


Day 1.
March 5, 2022. Irkutsk and Listvyanka

Meeting of the group in Irkutsk airport in the morning. Quick breakfast in Irkutsk (Sky Lounge Karaoke)
Sightseeing tour of the historical part of Irkutsk (2-3 hours: ancient churches, monasteries, estates, wooden buildings of the end of the 18 century).
Transfer to Listvyanka village by a comfortable bus.
On the way - a stop for the ceremony of appeasing the spirits of Lake Baikal according to the Buryat ethnical tradition. Visit to the Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture.
Arrival to Listvyanka, lunch
Visit to the observation deck "Stone Chersky" overlooking the non-freezing mouth of the Angara, with ascent and descent on a chair lift.
Hotel accommodation. Dinner

Accommodation: hotel "Malina", standard, double accommodation.
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 2. March 6, 2021. Riding on dog sleds across taiga and driving snowmobiles along Krugobaikalskaya railways

After breakfast at the hotel, a visit to the interactive Baikal Limnological Museum in Listvyanka: watching the exposition and virtual diving on a bathyscaphe to the bottom of Lake Baikal.
Visit the estate of the Tyuryumin family, widely known for their sled dogs. Dog sledging, harnessed by Alaskan huskies (1 person in a sled) across snowy taiga, overcoming natural hindrances (5 km). Adults can steer the dog team.
Visit to the market in Listvyanka, with a wide selection of Baikal fish, from omul in all its forms to the unique golomyanka fish.
Lunch at a restaurant in Listvyanka village
Riding on snowmobiles (2 persons per snowmobile) along beautiful snowy roads of Siberian Taiga and along legendary Kruglobaikalsky railway, which is now a memorial of architecture and engineering art. Visiting of the most interesting tunnels, viaducts, arches and railway galleries. Return to the hotel.
Dinner - omul, grayling, sugudai, beer.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: hotel "Malina", standard, double accommodation.

Day 3. March 7, 2022. Ethnopark Golden Horde, Maloye More (Small Sea) and the southern part of Olkhon

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer by car to the Maloye More via Ust-Ordynskoye.
Visit to the ethnopark Golden Horde. Traditional Buryat dinner in a yurt.
A story about the history of shamanism on Lake Baikal, shaman performance, a visit to a Buddhist temple.
Lunch, national Buryat cuisine.
In the afternoon, arrival at the Togot tourist center on Maloye More.
Car excursion around the southern part of the island, inspection of the Ogoy island, on which the Buddhist shrine is located - the snow-white stupa of the Goddess of Enlightenment.
Hike to the top of the island to explore the stupa and take pictures of the stunning views.
From 4 pm to 6 pm OPTIONAL (for an additional fee) - an opportunity to drive 2 hours on the ice of Lake Baikal on a buggy and see the above sights (double buggy, two participants on a buggy, taking turns driving).
Return to the camp site by UAZ / Gazelle, on the way exploring the natural attractions of the southern part of Olkhon Island.
Dinner - pilaf or kebabs

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tourist base "Togot" on Maloe More, double occupancy

Day 4. March 8, 2022. A big hovercraft trip on ice on Olkhon, to Cape Khoboy

After breakfast we set off on the ice of Lake Baikal to Olkhon Island by khivus - a hovercraft. En route we encounter the most impressive views of the open Baikal lake along the coast where there are neither roads, nor infrastructure, only 250 kilometers of smashing ice with the web of cracks and frozen bubbles, picturesque bays, untouched taiga's nature.
Stop in Bolshoye Goloustnoye famous for its ice bubbles.
Sightseeing in the area of the Olkhon regional center, the village of Khuzhir: the main Baikal place of power is the Shamanka rock, an observation deck over Khuzhir and skating on the ice of Lake Baikal.
The whole day - a trip to Cape Khoboy - the northernmost cape of Olkhon Island. Visiting natural attractions: impressive rocky capes, enchanting ice grottoes, hummocks, Cape Khoboy, walking on the ice of Lake Baikal.
Kiss of Baikal, picnic lunch on ice.
Ice skating (1 - 1.5 hours) on the ice of Lake Baikal. Visit to the bay with bubbles frozen in ice.
Return to the hostel.
Bathhouse on the shore of Lake Baikal, ice-hole.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: camp site "Togot" on the Maloe More (Small Sea), double occupancy

Day 5. March 9, 2022. Tazheran steppes and ethnopark Golden Horde

Departure from Maloye More towards Irkutsk. Stop at the sculpture of a vagabond and an eagle.
Visit to the marble quarry in the village of Buguldeyka.
Arrival in the village of Turgenevka - the center of Belarusian culture, ethnographic museum. Lunch, national Belarusian cuisine.
Return to Irkutsk.
Accommodation in a hotel in the pedestrian quarter of the reconstructed merchant mansions "130 Kvartal".
Farewell dinner at the restaurant of Siberian cuisine "Misha". Famous liqueurs.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Kupechesky Dvor hotel, double occupancy

Day 6. March 10, 2021. The way back

After breakfast in the hotel transfer to the airport of Irkutsk. Flight back.

Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: no

Price includes:

- transport services as per program (minibus, UAZ 4x4 or Gazel minibus, Khivus hovercraft).
- accommodation in hotels in twin/double rooms
- three meals daily
- snowmobiles
- dogs sledging
- skates
- all entrance fees, performance and activities as per program
- banya on the shore of Lake Baikal
- English and Russian speaking guide services
- team leader, English translation

Price excludes:

- Flight to Irkutsk roundtrip
- Medical insurance
- Visa to Russia

To take with:

· wear sets up to the weather (warm wool socks, cotton socks, wool sweater, thermal underwear, warm winter jacket with windstopper)
· warm boots, high boots
· Thermal underwear
· personal hygiene products
· personal medical kit
· sun and wind protection
· thermos
· cameras

Francesco Li Santi
See reco on Facebook
Baikal 2019 was my first expedition with Mzungu and Alexey and my expectations were absolutely exceeded - the place is beyond immagination and can be fully enjeyed especially if guided by someone who has the experience, knowledge and the organisation of Alexey Kolbov. It is difficult to put in words what we have experienced, as every moment on the lake was breathtaking, and the trip was in all apects pleasant since we did not run in an unexpected situations or problems. Alexey is a strong and precise organiser, everything was cared in details, from the transport to the accommodation and the three daily meals waiting for us were always aboundand and delicious. What I mostly enjoyed was that we got to experience the lake from different perspectives, driving on jeeps, snowmobiles, iceskating, sledge dogs, hoover-boats etc, and we got the chance to proove ourselve in these situations and safety was always a priority. Alexey has a deep knowledge about places, culture, art and customs of the remote places visited in his expeditions, and we were constantly educated by him and learned so much about the place and the ancient religious, cultural and historical heritage of Baikal. He is an approachable and friendly person, always open to listen to clients needs while at the same time he can execute respectable authority to make sure that things run smooth and as planned. I can only recommend his expeditions and I am already planning next trip with him and Mzungu!
Dmitry Voydakov
отзыв опубликован на Facebook
Ребята, спасибо за организацию этого путешествия. В нем все было прекрасно. Рассветы, закаты, национальная музыка и еда, люди, буханки/хивусы/снегоходы/собачки и др средства перемещения, баня и конечно же неописуемая красота льда Байкала и его окрестностей.
Отдельное спасибо Михаилу - нашему гиду. Однозначно рекомендую всем!
Alex Zinovkin
отзыв опубликован на Facebook
Если вы хотите классное и небанальное приключение в обход туристических групп при этом за вменяемые деньги - то вам к Mzungu. Самые экзотические и нехоженые направления - Конго, Папуа, Амазонка, Нигер и т.п. В России они путешествуют на Байкал, в Карелию и на Камчатку. Везде почувствуете себя на другой планете - хотя планета всё та же и нужно посмотреть её именно такой, практически нетронутой и совершенно фантастической. Если вы хотите удивить людей, которые видели всё - то вам тоже сюда. И если вы хотите показать иностранцам другую Россию - то к Mzungu, they speak English.
Lake Baikal, Russia

Best season: February – March

Automobile traveling along endless expanses of winter Baikal - amazing universe of ice figures: meter-thicknesses of transparent ice with ingenious net of cracks and frozen bubbles, turquoise hummocks, fantastic forms of ice-splashes and ice grots with hanging down icicles.

Heart of Baikal - Olkhon island and islands of the Small Sea with its cliffs and sacral Buddhist stupas.

Big trip from the Small Sea to Listvyanka on the hovercraft.

Skating on the biggest rink of the world - Baikal mirror.

Dog sledge riding - Alaska huskies - through snowy Baikal forests and the best places of the legendary Krugobaikalsky railway, which is now the memorial of architecture and engineering art with its tunnels, beautiful arches and galleries.

Exciting ride on snowmobiles or quad bikes on the picturesque off-roads of Syberian taiga, snow banks and frozen rivers.

Acquaintance with Buryat culture and history of shamanism on Baikal.

Russian banya (steam bath) and local gastronomic specialities: stroganina (slices of frozen fish and meat), possi (manti), ukha (fish soup) and smoke-dried omul.
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