Big expedition with ethnologist to Lamalera whalers, Dayaks of Kalimantan, Toraja of Sulawesi and Komodo dragons


tour to Kalimantan, Flores and Sulawesi islands,
Central Indonesia

October 17 to November 2, 2021
Kalimantan, Flores, Komodo and Sulawesi islands,
Central Indonesia

тур в Индонезию Суматра этнографическая экспедиция Ментаваи Pacu Jawi Сиберут орангутаны трекинг вулканы Суматры Батак путешествие в Азию ЮВА

тур в Эфиопию племена долины Омо, афар северная эфиопия афдера бои на палках Донга
Discover the world-famous Lamalera whalers on the edge of the Indonesian archipelago, explore the paradise island of Kalimantan and the wild Komodo island inhabited by endemic prehistoric dragons, meet the latest tattooed Dayak people, formerly known as bounty hunters, and the animistic villages of Torajan people in South Sulawesi and come face to face with one of the most famous primates of the modern world - orangutans!

All this and not only in our large expedition to Central Indonesia for 17 days!

The expedition is headed by a professional ethnologist with deep knowledge of the world cultures of whalers.

Discover the world's famous whalers of Lamalera on the edge of Indonesian archipelago, explore the Kalimantan and meet the last tattooed Dayak formerly known as headhunters, visit unique Toraja animistic villages on the Southern Sulawesi, encounter one of the most notable primates of the modern world – orangutans and find yourself in the wilderness of Komodo island inhabited with the endemic prehistoric dragons.
The expedition is led by the professional ethnologist who has deep knowledge in world's whalers' cultures.

Dates: October 17 to November 2, 2021

Duration: 17 days / 16 nights

Number of participants: 8 – 12

Cost per person:
- USD 2 990 subject to 11 – 12 participants,
- USD 3 190 subject to 10 participants,
- USD 3 490 subject to 8 – 9 participants

10% early booking discount (in case you book before June 17, 2021)

Everything is included except for:
- international flight to Kupang and back from Makassar,
- international medical insurance,
- Indonesian visa (if necessary).

Estimated cost of an international flight Moscow - Kupang and Makassar - Moscow: USD 800 - 1200 (usually bought on your own, we consult you).

Single supplement: upon request


Day 1. October 17, 2021 (Sunday). KUPANG

Arrival at El Tari Kupang International Airport. Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel.
Rest, free time.
* Recommended flight via Dubai with Emirates to Jakarta flight EK-358, arrival in Jakarta at 22:10 on October 16,
with further flight to Kupang with Batik Air flight ID-6540, arrival in Kupang at 6:35 am on October 17,
or another flight with arrival in Kupang any time on October 17.

Accommodation: Aston Kupang Hotel & Convention Center **** or Swiss-Belinn Kristal Kupang *** or Neo Eltari Kupang by Aston Hotel ***
Meals: dinner

Day 2. October 18, 2021 (Monday). KUPANG (FLORES) - LEWOLEBA - LAMALERA

After breakfast a short transfer to the airport for the flight to Lewoleba.
Upon arrival, we will be transferred to the village of Lamalera (5 hours), where we will live with local residents - whalers for the next 3 days.
Check-in with a local family.

Accommodation: Abel Bending Homestay
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 3 - 4. October 19 - 20, 2021 (Tuesday - Wednesday). LAMALERA

During our stay in Lamalera, we will join a whale hunt or fishing trip, visit the traditional village and Mount Lile Ipe, which erupts every 20 minutes. If we wish, we can go hiking or take a walk in the surrounding area.

*Important information:
Before visiting this island, bring your malaria medicine and mosquito spray;
Clean water is limited (we will stock up in advance in Levoleba);
Electricity is only switched on from 18:00 to 06:00.

Accommodation: Abel Bending Homestay
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5. October 21, 2021 (Thursday). LAMALERA - MINGAR - LEWOLEBA - LARANTUKA - MAUMERE

After early breakfast - departure to Mingar village.
On the way from Lamalera to Lolong, we will drive through a traditional village and watch local life.
In Mingar, we will be greeted with a traditional dance performance in local costumes (sarongs).
After a short coffee break, we will walk through the village. We will have the opportunity to see how the locals prepare traditional dishes with an explanation of the process.
Tasting of local coffee and delicacies: "Jagung Titih" or smashed popcorn (locals call it kwaru breket).
Starting from Mingar, we will continue to the harbour of Lewoleba and take a cruise to Larantuka.
Lunch in lunchboxes on the boat.
The cruise to Larantuka will take approximately 4 hours. Upon arrival in the city of Larantuka, a direct transfer to the city of Maumere.
Arrive in Maumere late in the evening, check-in at the Capa Resort Maumere.

Accommodation: Hotel Capa Resort Maumere 4*
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 6. October 22, 2021 (Friday). MAUMERE - LABUAN BAJO - PADAR ISLAND

In the morning after breakfast we go to the airport and fly to the harbour of fishing town Labuan Bajo, from where we will sail to Padar Island. On the way, we will enjoy the sunset and the flight of a thousands of flying foxes on Kalong island. Dinner is served on the boat, we spend night also on board.

Accommodation: boat cabin
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Breakfast on the boat with amazing sunrise views.
Upon arrival at Komodo Island, we will trek around the island and see the famous Komodo dragons and other wild animals.
Scuba diving, snorkelling and enjoying the beautiful views from Pink Beach.
We stop in Taka Makassar, and snorkeling awaits us again, we will hunt down giant stingrays - manta rays (body width on average 4 - 4.5 meters)
After that we return to Labuan Bajo, where we will stay overnight.

Accommodation: La Cecile Hotel & cafe komodo ** or Sunset Hill Hotel **
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 8. October 24, 2021 (Sunday). LABUAN BAJO - SAMARINDA (KALIMANTAN)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will be transferred to the airport - we will fly to Kalimantan (6 hours).
In the afternoon, we arrive at Samarinda.
In the afternoon we arrive in the airport of Samarinda , drive to the Hotel, stay overnight in Samarinda.

Accommodation: Swiss-Belhotel Borneo Samarinda ****
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 9. October 25, 2021 (Monday). SAMARINDA - PAMPANG - HOUSEBOAT - MUARA MUNTAI

After breakfast, transfer to the Pampang Cultural Village.
Visit the local population - the Dayak tribe. There are few old Dayak with traditional tattoos left here.
After finishing, direct transfer to Loa Janan.
On the way, lunch at a restaurant in Samarinda.
Then, aboard a houseboat, we climb up the Mahakam River to Muara Muntai, where we visit a local fishing village and enjoy a traditional dance in front of the long house of the Dayak chief. Return to the houseboat.
* The Houseboat is of 4 meters X 23 meters size, with cabins equipped with simple mattress and pillows, with an open air dining room, simple shower and toilet, kitchen downstairs. All meals, refreshment and fruits are provided.

Accommodation: in the cabins of the houseboat
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 10. October 26, 2021 (Tuesday). MUARA MUNTAI - MANKONG - MELAK

In the morning we arrive at the village of Muara Muntai.
We explore local attractions, then take a direct motorized canoe ride across the vast Jempang Lake and a small river en route to Mankong. (will combine with land transport via Tanjung Isuy, if the water level not permitted).
During the cruise, we will see the rainforest, wild monkeys and birds along the Ohong River.
Upon arrival, we experience a welcome ceremony followed by a visit to a stately traditional longhouse. One of the oldest longhouses of the East Kalimantan Dayaks can be found here. After that, we will return to Muara Muntai and drive upstream to Melak.

Accommodation: cabins of the houseboat
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner


After breakfast, we will spend a full day exploring Melak, with a visit to the traditional longhouses of the Dayak tribe in Eheng and the orchid forest in Kersik Luwai. Then we will go to the last destination in Melak - Jantur Inar waterfall.
We return to the houseboat and go downstream to Tenggarong.

Accommodation: cabins of the houseboat
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Arrive at Tenggarong at midday. Direct transfer to Samboja Lodge by car (about 3 hours). On the spot, we will be able to observe orangutans and sun bears. This area is a conservation area for orangutans. This recreational fund was established in 1992 ad Samboja Lodge includes 6 islands for rehabilitation of animals and re-forestation and protection rainforests. Dinner and overnight at the Samboja lodge
Dinner and overnight at Samboja Lodge.

Accommodation: Samboja Lodge
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner


Breakfast at the lodge.
After feeding the orangutans in the morning, we have some free time before the transfer to the airport.
Lunch is served at the lodge with an Indonesian buffet.
Transfer to airport and flight to Makassar international airport. The flight will take 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Upon arrival in Makassar, we drive to Rammang Rammang (45 minutes by car from the airport). In the afternoon we arrive at Rammang Rammang village and check-in at the Rammang Rammang Eco lodge.

Accommodation: Rammang Rammang Eco lodge
Meals:breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 14. October 30, 2021 (Saturday). RAMMANG-RAMMANG - SENGKANG

After breakfast at the hotel, we begin to explore Rammang Rammang, first, we will visit the largest stone karst in the middle of a rice field, Sumpang Bita, an ancient prehistoric cave with ancient cliff painting (about 25 thousand years old).
After that, we will drive to Sengkang city. The trip to Sengkang will take 5 hours. In Sengkang, we will visit a local family living in a houseboat on Lake Tempe.
In the evening, on the way back, we will see a beautiful sunset, if we are lucky with the weather.
Check-in at a hotel in Sengkang.

Accommodation: Sermany Hotel **
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 15. October 31, 2021 (Sunday). SENGKANG - TORAJA

After breakfast, we will continue our journey to Toraja district, which is located in the northern part of Makassar, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. It takes 5 hours from Sengkang. On the way, we pass the town of Sekara with many beautiful views. At noon, we stop at Bambangpang Hill to admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy a good coffee.
In Toraja we will enjoy truly beautiful landscapes: endless rice fields, mountains and traditional houses.
Toraja is also one of the 4 ethnic groups in South Sulawesi. Opened to the world after long isolation only at the beginning of the last century, the people of Toraja still adhere to their age-old beliefs, rituals and traditions.
Tana-Toraja ("land of Toraja") is called the kingdom of the dead, death here is the most important event in life and we will witness the famous funeral ceremony.
Months or even years can pass between the death of a person and his funeral. Meanwhile, relatives keep the bodies of the dead at home and take care of them - they regularly wash, change their clothes, and bring food and drinks twice a day.
It is believed that buffaloes transport the soul to the afterlife, so relatives sacrifice as many of these animals as possible - to make it easier for the dead to make their last journey.
All their lives, the Toraja people have been working to make a fortune, but they do not spend it during their lifetime, but save money for funeral rituals.
After the funeral ceremony in the afternoon, we arrive in Rantepao and check into the hotel.

Accommodation: Toraja Misiliana hotel **** or Luta Resort Toraja ***
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 16. November 1, 2021 (Monday). TORAJA

After breakfast at the hotel, we will embark on a cultural tour of Toraja.
First we will visit the village of Lemo, where we can see a stone grave on the wall in a high rock with wooden stuffed animals standing on the balcony of the grave, Landa Cote (children's grave inside a living tree), Tampang Allo (natural cave with the oldest coffins - about 700 years old) ...
After lunch, we will visit Karuaya village to see unique traditional houses. At the end of the day we return to the hotel.

Accommodation: Toraja Misiliana hotel **** or Luta Resort Toraja ***
Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner


After breakfast at the hotel, we drive to Palopo airport (3 hours), from where we fly to Makassar and return home.
* Recommended flight from Makassar to Jakarta with Batik Air flight ID-6297, departure from Makassar at 18:00 on November 2,
with further flight via Dubai with Emirates to Moscow flight EK-359, departure from Jakarta at 0:15 am on November 3,
or another flight with November 2 evening departure from Makassar.

Accommodation: no
Meals: breakfast

Cost includes:

• all domestic flights
• twin/double accommodation in hotels,
• full board meals throughout the whole program
• all transfers according to the program
• cruise in a houseboat
• all boats
• experienced English speaking local guides and Russian and English speaking team leader professional ethnologist throughout the trip
• local guides
• all activities according to the program
• local tribes' financial support

Cost excludes (to be additionally paid):

• international flight to Kupang and return flight from Makassar
• international medical insurance
• Indonesian visa (if required)
• meals not indicated in the program
• charge for excess baggage on flights
• alcohol and drinks
• tips and personal expenses
• surcharge for a single room in hotels

To take with:

• two sets of clothing (trousers, long-sleeved shirt, T-shirt, underwear, socks, sun hat);
• lightweight hiking jacket;
• comfortable and practical footwear: 1) lightweight for the city; 2) trekking boots (waterproof) for trekking; 3) slippers;
• raincoat;
• bathing suit;
• sun and wind protection (cream, sunglasses, sun hat)
• Head Torch;
• backpack (better waterproof), with a capacity of no more than 80 liters;
• a small backpack for personal belongings and photo and video cameras;
• personal first aid kit (analgesic, antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, intestinal, multivitamins, rehydration, court plaster, motion sickness medicine, your personal medicines);
• personal hygiene items (towels, soap, a lot of wet wipes, since you won't be able to take a shower for several days);
• antimalaria preventive pills (recommended, up to you to decide)
• repellents;
• photo / video camera;
• additional batteries for cameras and a power bank (or a solar charger for charging phone batteries or a camera battery)
    Tour Indonesia
    Kalimantan, Flores, Komodo and Sulawesi islands,
    Central Indonesia

    Best season: March - October

    Acquaintance with Lamalera whalers and former bounty hunters - people of the Dayak tribe.

    Explore Komodo Island - a national park and biosphere reserve, home to the world's largest lizards and monitor lizards - the famous "Komodo dragons".

    Snorkelling with mantas.

    Watching orangutans and sun bears.

    Visit the "realm of the dead" Toraja in South Sulawesi and observe the funeral ceremony.
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