Marine expedition to the Franz Josef Land


August 28 - September 26, 2023

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Franz Josef Land is a huge archipelago in the Arctic Ocean with more than 200 islands. There is the most northern point of Eurasia, which is located only 900 km from the North Pole. In short, this is an ideal destination for real polar explorers, which you can become by simply joining us!
On the way to these remote places, we will look at Novaya Zemlya, another archipelago of the Russian Arctic. It is located closer to the continental land, consists of two large islands - North and South, separated by a narrow strait Matochkin Strait. Of course, we also made a stopover on Novaya Zemlya, there are another things to see.
Let's go!

A Russian expedition led by Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev on the sloops "Vostok" and "Mirny" discovered Antarctica on January 28, 1820.

We invite you to repeat the feat of the sailors and write your name in the history of exploration of the most mysterious sixth continent of the planet.

While Elon Musk swashbuckles the space, we washbuckle the ocean and explore the Earth space – Antarctica.
A trip to Antarctica is the choice of a Real Man. An event, the memories of which will stay with you for a lifetime!


Dates: August 28 - September 26, 2023

Duration: 30 days / 29 nights

Cost per person: (based on TWIN accommodation): 850 000 RUB

Everything is included (except for flight and medical insurance).

Estimated cost of the flight to Ushuaia: EUR 1 000 - 1 300.


Day 1. August 28, 2023. Naryan-Mar

Our journey begins in Naryan-Mar. You can spend the first half of the day in the city, and we will meet you in the evening on board. After the welcome dinner, we will tell you about safety, what requirements you need to follow on board and how to use life-saving equipment if necessary.

Day 2 – 3. August 29 – 30, 2023. Barentsevo sea and Pechorskoe sea

We go out to the big water, get to know each other better. There will be no stops on these days. We are heading for the Small Karmakuly.

Day 4. August 31, 2023. Small Karmakuly

This is the name of the polar station on the South Island of Novaya Zemlya. This is the oldest operating polar station in Russia. In 2021, it turned 125 years old, in honor of which a new residential module was installed there. Now the specialists working here have conditions like on the mainland, there is even a gym and a sauna. We will be able to look inside of this station, which any polar explorer would love to have!

Day 5-6. September 1-2, 2023. Sailing to Russkaya Gavan Bay

Day 7. September 3, 2023. Russkaya Gavan Bay

The largest bay of Novaya Zemlya, where we will see the abandoned polar station.

Day 8. September 4, 2023. Inostrantsevs Bay

The bay is famous for its picturesque glacier. We begin our acquaintance with the Arctic fauna: thick-billed guillemots nest on the coastal rocks, and on the shore, if you're lucky, you can see polar bears.

Day 9. September 5, 2023. Cape Zhelaniya and Oranskie Islands

Cape Zhelaniya is located on the northern tip of Novaya Zemlya. The Pomors called Cape "Dohody" - this is the extreme point to which the fur merchants reached: it was impossible to continue fishing because of the impenetrable ice of the Kara Sea. For us, this is not an obstacle: we go further, to Franz Josef Land. On the way, we admire the wildlife of the Orange Islands, where you can see walruses, polar bears and even whales.

Day 10 - 11. September 6-7, 2023. Sailing to the Franz Josef Land

Day 12. September 8, 2023. Cape Tegetthoff, Hall Island

We begin our acquaintance with Franz Josef Land in the very place where the history of the development of this archipelago once began. In 1873, the sailing schooner Admiral Tegetthoff, on which the Austrian expedition planned to open the Northeast Passage, was washed up by ice on this then unknown coast.
So he received the name Franz Josef Land, in honor of the Emperor of Austria. A monument was erected on the cape to commemorate this discovery by the schooner Admiral Tegetthoff.

Day 13. September 9, 2023. Cape Flora, Western Northbrook Island

In the summer months, the cape is ice-free, so it has become a convenient landing site for various expeditions. Its name speaks for itself: this cape, unlike all the others, is rich in its vegetation. There are different types of mosses and the polar poppy.

Day 14. September 10, 2023. Tikhaya Bay, Hooker Island

On Hooker Island, we will visit the polar station, which is currently undergoing restoration work: it is planned to open a museum complex on the basis of the station's former hangar. It also has the northernmost post office in the world!
Opposite the Tikhaya Bay, an amazing Rubini rock awaits us. This is a 174-meter basalt rock, which is pieces of lava frozen in the form of pillars. Because these ledges are perfect for building nests, the rock has turned into one big bird rookery. It is not in vain that they called it "Rubini" in honor of the opera singer Giovanni Battista Rubini: it is very loud here. We will see guillemots, kittiwakes, little auks, large polar gulls, fulmars and guillemots.

Day 15. September 11, 2023. Cape Fiume, Champ Island

We landed on Champ Island. This is a unique place where you can see spherulites - stones-balls: from very small to huge, up to three meters in diameter. Their origin has not yet been established - this is a real miracle of nature.
The neighboring island - Hayes Island - is notable for the fact that it houses a geophysical polar observatory, from which meteorological rockets were previously launched. Not far from the observatory there is a walrus rookery, where we will go for a photo hunt!

Day 16. September 12, 2023. Heller Cape, Wilczek Land

Another historical cape: at the end of the XIX century, a food warehouse was set up here for the next expedition to conquer the North Pole. The warehouse was left to guard two Norwegians - Bentsen and Bjervig. During the winter, Bentsen died of illness. Before his death, he asked his friend not to bury him until spring, because he was worried that bears and arctic foxes would dig up a shallow burial. Bjervig fulfilled this desire: Bentsen was buried only two months later, when spring came and the expedition leader returned to the island. Bentsen's grave has been preserved on the island to this day.

Day 17. September 13, 2023. Cape Washington, Ziegler Island

William Ziegler is an American millionaire who paid for an expedition whose goal was to reach the North Pole. The expedition was unsuccessful, the ship was carried away by ice, and the scientists spent two years here: they explored the central part of the FJL by sleigh routes and put several islands on the map, including this one.

Day 18. September 14, 2023. Fisher's Cape, Salisburi

The island is named after the famous American geologist. Our goal here is to look at Fisher's Cape, which is impressive in its beauty.

Day 19. September 15, 2023. Cape Norway, Jackson's Island

Frederick Jackson, who discovered this cape, named it in memory of the famous Norwegian travelers Nansen and Johansen. They tried to reach the North Pole, but were forced to spend 6 winter months on the island. Now from their dugout there is a stone base and one log. This artifact is the main attraction of the island.

Day 20. September 16, 2023. Bam's cape, Karl-Alexandr Island

There is also a polar station on this island, but since it is a border station, it is unlikely that you will be able to visit it; but here we will be able to admire the population of beluga whales, and if we are lucky, we will also see narwhals - sea unicorns.

Day 21-22. September 17, 2023. Stolbovoy Cape and Cape Fligeli, Rudolf Island

Rudolf Island is the northernmost island in Franz Josef Land. We will visit two capes here: Cape Stolbovoy (western), where the rocks look like huge pillars, and Cape Fligeli, the northernmost point of the island, from which the North Pole is only 900 km away.

Day 23-29. September 18-25, 2023. Sailing to Murmansk

It will take several days to get to the mainland, but you will have so many impressions that the road back will pass unnoticed - moreover, by this time we will definitely become a close-knit team of polar explorers.

Day 30. September 26, 2023. Arrival ro Murmansk

** Please do not purchase tickets without our confirmation.

*** The program may be adjusted for weather conditions.

About captain

Daniil Gavrilov
RUSARC's commander

"We were the first in the world who sailed around the North Pole in one navigation - in 2010. I am one of the best yacht captains in the world and if you need a complex polar project, most likely I will do it.

But what inspires me the most is the opportunity to show the most unexplored corners of our Planet and its amazing natural world to as many people as possible!"

Schooner Amazone
A classic Dutch sailboat. Designed to go on polar expeditions under any conditions.
It was built in 1963 and served as a fishing boat in the North Sea for many years. In 1993 it was reequipped into a sailboat and used for regular chartering. It is an outstanding example of Dutch sailing ships.
AMAZONE is a modern expedition sailboat. This two-masted schooner was designed by a famous Dutch ship builder Olivier van Meer especially for comfortable long distance expeditions in polar latitudes.

The boat is equipped with:
• 5 heads
• 5 showers
• a bar
• a fully equipped galley
• a washing and drying machine
• equipment for delivering presentations

• hot water supply and heating in all the areas
• satellite communication
• navigation and life-saving equipment
• 3kW inverter
• 220V diesel generator
• 2 landing boats

Cost includes:

• Accommodation
• Bed linen and towels
• 3 meals a day
• Water and electricity
• Fuel charge
• Crew and Chef service

Cost excludes (additionally paid):

• Flights from your city to Naryan-Mar and back to your city from Murmansk
• Personal health insurance
• Souvenirs, other pocket expenses
• Satellite connection

Take with you:

ATTENTION! The air temperature here ranges from 0 to +5 C. On the water and with the wind, the air temperature is felt much lower than it actually is. The weather will be very changeable. Strong winds, high waves and rain and snow precipitation are expected.

Warm fleece and thermal underwear.
Thermosocks (several pairs).
Rubber high boots with a warm inner insert for walking on the shore.
Shoes for walking inside the yacht (sneakers).
Parka, raincoat, pants and things made of waterproof materials.
Gloves (preferably 2 pairs).
Hat (preferably 2).
Sunglasses (with a rope so as not to lose it in the sea).
Personal hygiene items, towel.
Hand cream, face cream and sunscreen.
Waterproof cases for photographic equipment.
Personal first aid kit with individual medicines.

(!) Things must be packed in soft bags and backpacks

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      Tour to

      Best season: July-September

      We will meet the following animals on the route:
      - seals
      - whales
      -polar bears

      Possible activities:
      - Yachting
      - If you have skills and desire, you can take part in yachting.
      - Landing with a cutter (rubber boat with outboard motor)

      Possible activities depend on weather conditions, their availability and safety is determined by the captain of the yacht, based on the actual situation.
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