Marine expedition from Avachinskaya Bay to Simushir: whales, orcas, Yankich Island and Krenitsyn Volcano


July 25 - August 2, 2024
Тур Kuril Islands, Kamchatka, Russia

морская экспедиция тур в антарктида антарктика пингвины киты айсберги пролив дрейка ушуайя антарктический океан полярная станция морской поход круиз на яхте в антарктиду

Путешествия по России активный тур на зимний Байкал снегоходы хивус джипы
We land on hard-to-reach islands, climb volcanoes, sail into calderas, approach seal rookeries and giant colonies of birds in motor boats, and meet whales and killer whales. The route passes through the main Kuril attractions: Crater Bay and the Krenitsyn Volcano. Just look at the photos of these places - and buy a ticket!

On board there are lectures, film screenings about wildlife, and master classes on preparing seafood delicacies. Landing is carried out on Zodiac boats with the highest level of safety and comfort. Throughout the cruise, passengers are accompanied by a team of professional guides.

Отправляемся в незабываемое путешествие под парусами полярной яхты к самой северной точке планеты.
Горные реки здесь рождают множество водопадов, к кораблю прилетают дикие соколы, а по пути нередко встречаются киты.
Нас ждут стоянки в живописных бухтах и ночевки по треск обрушающихся вековых льдов.
А вокруг - только горы до неба и непроходимые леса!


Dates: July 25 - August 2, 2024

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights

Cost per cabin*:

Standard 2х 1 219 680 rubles
Superior1 546 380 rubles
Standard 3х 1 633 500 rubles
Superior+ 1 775 070 rubles

Suite up to 2 persons 2 940 300 rubles
Suite up to 3 persons 4 410 450 rubles
Mini suite up to 2 persons 2 428 470 rubles
Mini suite up to 3 persons 3 642 705 rubles

Cost per place with shared accomodation in Standard 2x cabin: 609 840 rubles

* Please check availability of cabins with the manager.

TRAVEL PROGRAM: marine expedition to kuril islands and kamchatka

Day 1. Meeting in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, accomodation in cabins on the "Professor Chromov" ship.

We meet in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, after transfer to the port we check into cabins on the ship "Professor Khromov".
Departure from the port at 14-00.
From Avachinskaya Bay - the largest natural harbor in the world - we go out into the Pacific Ocean. On the right hand side, the majestic Kamchatka volcanoes rise one after another: Avachinsky, Koryaksky, Kozelsky and Vilyuchinsky. We meet the sunset with incredible views of Southern Kamchatka and move south!

Meals: lunch, dinner
Accommodation: in the cabins of the ship

Day 2. Alaid. the highest volcano in the Kuril Islands.

The height of the volcano is about 2.3 km above sea level. Climbing to the top would be a little difficult, so we will walk along the side craters (yes, a volcano can have more than one crater). The first of them is called the Olympic Rupture: it was formed relatively recently, in 1972, exactly during the Olympic Games in Munich, in honor of which it received its name. The name of the second crater is Taketomi.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: in the cabins of the ship

Day 3. Krasheninnikov Bay on Paramushir Island. Fuss Volcano.

Our next goal is to land in Krasheninnikov Bay on Paramushir Island. From here several volcanoes will be visible at once, but it will be difficult for us to take our eyes off the nearest one - Fuss.
It is 400 meters higher than the Krenitsyn volcano (the total height is more than 1.7 km above sea level) and has almost the same regular conical shape. Here it seems that you are inside a Japanese engraving that has come to life. We will take a walk along the banks of Paramushir on Zodiacs and from the water we will approach the giant colonies of birds. If a whale or killer whale swims up to us, don't worry: they won't even touch our boat. In the evening, "Professor Khromov" will approach the small island of Antsiferov so that we can admire its picturesque forms and another large sea lion rookery.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: in the cabins of the ship

Day 4. Yankich Island.

Leaving several islands behind, we will stop at Yankich Island. This place is the second main "star" of the Kuril Islands, the quintessence of miraculous beauty.
In the central part of the small (less than 3 km in diameter) island is the caldera of an extinct volcano, which, due to the destruction of the southern wall, turned into a bay filled with ocean water. It is called Crater Bay, in its center there are two mini-islands, and around there are emerald shores with thermal springs. We will sail into Crater Bay on Zodiacs - like discoverers who have found a brave new world. The acoustic background will be the hubbub of many seabirds that have chosen Yankich Island. The local birds rookery boasts rare species such as the red-breasted pipit, сommon greenshank, the rough-legged buzzard, the auklet and the peregrine falcon.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: in the cabins of the ship

Day 5. Central part of Simushir Island. Zavaritsky Volcano

Today we will land in the central part of Simushir Island to trek to the Zavaritsky volcano.
The effort will be rewarded with a magnificent panorama of the caldera, filled with water and turned into a lake. If we are lucky and the air is clear, we will also be able to see the entire middle part of the Great Kuril Ridge. After trekking, we will have to try our luck in fishing - sea cod, flounder and perhaps even halibut await us! After fishing, having wrapped up our fishing rods and started cutting the fish, we should head back - towards Kamchatka!

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: in the cabins of the ship

Day 6. Krenitsyn Volcano on Onekotan Island

Our goal today is the Krenitsyn Volcano on Onekotan Island. This is one of the hallmarks of the archipelago and one of the most beautiful and unusual volcanoes on the planet.
Imagine: a giant (17 km in diameter) caldera of an ancient volcano is filled with a lake, and right from it you have another volcano with a perfectly symmetrical shape. To see this magnificence with your own eyes, you will have to work a little. Today we have the most energy-intensive trekking of the entire cruise: 15 km in both directions with a height difference of 600 m.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: in the cabins of the ship

Day 7. Island Paramushir. Ebeko volcano

Today we will return to the island Paramushir, but to a completely different part of it - to the area of the Ebeko volcano!
Depending on the weather, we will choose a landing site and spend an exciting day exploring the wild corners of the island and trekking.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: in the cabins of the ship

Day 8. Russkaya Bay

Hello Kamchatka, long time no see! Today we drop anchor in front of the entrance to Russkaya Bay.
Its banks, almost parallel to each other, are covered with dense forest, from which brown bears come ashore during the spawning season. We will explore the bay on rubber Zodiac boats: we will sail to a small rookery of sea lion seals and see the skeletons of abandoned ships.
After the last boat trip there is a gala dinner.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: in the cabins of the ship

День 9. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. End of program.

And again we are in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Transfer upon request to the city center or one of the hotels. See you again!

Meals: breakfast
Accommodation: not included

* Arrival and departure time is local, with time zone changes. The route of the cruise, the places and the order of landings, as well as the activity of the program may vary depending on the weather or other reasons, independent of the organizers.

** Please do not purchase tickets without consulting us.

"Professor Khromov"
The vessel was built for polar and oceanographic research and has an UL ice class

Built in 1982 in Finland, it belongs to the Far East Hydrometeorological Institute.
During the year, the ship is used alternately for research and cruise expeditions.

  • Year of renovation: 2019
  • Gross capacity of 1759 tons, deadweight of 620 tons.
  • The length is 71.06 meters, width is 12.8 meters, the height of the side is 6.45 meters, the average draught is 4.5 meters.
  • The speed is 14 knots.
  • Power is provided by two engines, each with a capacity of 1147 kW.
  • Navigation autonomy is 70 days.
  • Can take on board up to 50 passengers.
  • Crew of 22 members.

Thanks to the efforts of the crew members, travel with us is comfortable and absolutely safe. At the same time, there is a friendly atmosphere on board, which is characteristic of a small scientific expedition.

26 comfortable cabins for 48 passengers
2 restaurants offering free seating: breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, coffee-station - fresh pastries.

The vessel is equipped with a satellite communications system that allows for telephone calls at any time.
    Number of cabins: 13
    Area: 12 m2
    Capacity: up to 2-3 passengers
    In the cabin: window, two beds, desk, wardrobe, bedside tables and washbasin (shared amenities).
    Number of cabins: 4
    Area: 12 m2
    Capacity: up to 2-3 passengers
    In the cabin: windows, two beds (lower and upper), desk, wardrobe, bedside tables and own toilet and shower.
    Number of cabins: 8
    Area: 12 m2
    Capacity: up to 2 passengers
    In the cabin: window, two beds (bottom), desk, wardrobe, bedside tables and own toilet and shower.
    Number of cabins: 2
    Area: 18 m2
    Capacity: up to 2-3 passengers
    In the cabin: windows for two sides, double bed in a separate area, living room with sofa, desk, wardrobe, bedside tables and own toilet and shower.
    Number of cabins: 1
    Area: 27 m2
    Capacity: up to 3 passengers
    In the cabin: windows on two sides, double bed in a separate area, living room with sofa, desk, wardrobe, bedside tables and own toilet and shower.
Cost includes:

  • Group transfer from the airport or from agreed hotel to the place of boarding at the start of the cruise and group transfer to the airport, or to the agreed hotel in the city at the end of the cruise;
  • Accommodation in the cabin of the selected category on the ship during the tour;
  • 3 meals per day on board, access to the tea station and snacks 24/7;
  • all disembarkations and excursions on the program;
  • border passes on the route, cost of all entrance fees to the reserves and objects of display;
  • participation in ship events
  • film screenings, lectures;
  • expedition jacket;
  • port charges.

Cost excludes (paid separately):

  • air ticket to and from the beginning place of the cruise;
  • ground service before and after the start of the cruise (hotels, excursions);
  • communication on board (satellite phone, Internet);
  • bar services (alcoholic and cold drinks, snacks);
  • laundry;
  • souvenirs;
  • tips for the crew team (optional);
  • compulsory medical insurance with emergency evacuation coverage.

To take with:

  • Warm fleece and thermal underwear.
  • Thermosocks (several pairs).
  • Rubber boots with warm interior insert for walking on the shore.
  • Shoes for walking inside the vessel (sneakers/trainers).
  • Jacket storming, pants and things made of water repellent (waterproof) materials.
  • Gloves (better 2 pairs).
  • Cap (better 2).
  • Sunglasses (with a rope, whatever is carried to the sea).
  • Personal care items, towel.
  • Hand cream, face cream and sunscreen.
  • Waterproof covers for photo equipment.
  • Personal first-aid kit with individual drugs.

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