Expedition to the temple complex of Baalbek, the ruins of Byblos and to the cave of Jeita


April 10 - 13, 2025,
Tour Republic of Lebanon

Tour to Lebanon Beirut Baalbek Bekaa Zram Complex
LEBANON is a real book of human history, layers of epochs and civilizations!

The oldest temple complex of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley is one of the most unusual archaeological phenomena in the history of mankind.

Historical places of Beirut: "Green Line", Martyrs' Square, the Mohammed al-Amin Mosque, the main Orthodox church in Beirut - the Church of St. Georgia, the abandoned Bolshoi Theater, the Egg complex, the port.
Picturesque alleys and beautiful mansions of Byblos.

Welcome to Lebanon!

тур в Сирию, экспедиция на Ближний Восток, путешествие в Сирию Пальмира, Хомс, Алеппо, Крак де Шевалье, Дамаск, тур в Древнюю Пальмиру, Босра,

Dates: April 10 - 13, 2025

It connects with the program to Syria from April 13 to 20 2025 and in Iraq from April 21 to 28, 2025.

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Number of participants: 6 – 12

Cost per person:
– USD 790 subject to 10 – 12 participants or
– USD 890 subject to 8 – 9 participants or
– USD 990 subject to 6 – 7 participants.

10% early booking discount when booking before November 10, 2025.

Everything is included, except for:
- international flight to Beirut and back,
- international medical insurance,
- lunch and dinner.

Single supplement: 220 USD


Day 1. April 10, 2025 (Thursday). BEIRUT WALKING TOUR

Arrival in the morning in Beirut before 11am. Check-in at the hotel, lunch.
Walking tour in Beirut. This city is a real mosaic of cultures, languages and religions. After the end of a brutal civil war, 25 years later, the city has appropriated the title of Mecca of design, fashion and culinary of the Arab world.
We will visit the main iconic and historical places: the "Green Line" of the demarcation of the once warring parties, the Martyrs' Square, the Mohammed al-Amin Mosque, the main Orthodox church in Beirut - the Church of St. George, the abandoned Bolshoi Theater, the Egg complex, the port.
Let's take a walk through one of the most colorful districts of the capital Jemmayze. Many mansions are a mixture of Venetian and Ottoman styles, with details inherent in the Islamic world. Often, the owners completed the construction of rooms and floors to their possessions already during the French mandate. And we will finish the walk with a visit to the street of the Greek elite Sursok. Dinner, rest.

Accomodation: hotel Three O'Nine
Meals: breakfast

*Recommended flight from Moscow to Beirut:
• Flight from Moscow or from another city with arrival in Beirut no later than 11:00 April 11.

Day 2. April 11, 2025 (Friday). BEIRUT - BAALBEK - BEKAAA VALLEY - BEIRUT

After breakfast, we go to the ancient temple complex of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley - one of the most unusual archaeological phenomena in the history of mankind. The grandiose architectural ensemble, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, consists of several gigantic structures of the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Venus. We will visit the Shiite mosque, shining with gilding, in which, according to legend, the great-granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad is buried.
We will visit a quarry with the largest man-made blocks in the world. We will visit the first commercial winery in Lebanon, founded in 1868. Winery Domain Des Tourelles is a leader in the production of not only wine, but also arak - strong aniseed vodka.

Accomodation: hotel Three O'Nine
Meals: breakfast

Day 3. April 12, 2025 (Saturday). BEIRUT - JET'S CAVE - BYBLOS - BEIRUT

After breakfast, we will head to another popular tourist spot near the Lebanese capital. Nagr-al-Kalb River in Arabic means "Dog River". One of the legends says that many thousands of years ago a huge dog lived here, which with its howl did not allow enemies to approach the lands. On stone steles along the river, the history of Lebanon is collected, starting with the visit of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II.
Then we will have a walk through the indescribable beauty of the Jaita Cave - a natural landmark of Paleolithic Lebanon. The Jeita complex consists of two caves: lower and upper, formed in limestone deposits. On the lower level, we will take a boat ride on the underground river.
After lunch we go to Byblos - one of the oldest cities in the world. A city with picturesque alleys, beautiful old mansions, many cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and a relaxing atmosphere. Byblos was inhabited as early as the 6th millennium BC. Archaeological excavations here are a real book of human history, reflecting the layers of eras and civilizations that the city has witnessed.
We will end our trip to Lebanon with a visit to Mount Harisa, where a statue of the Holy Virgin Mary stands above the city of Jounieh.The Lebanese call her in the French manner "Notre Dame du Liban" (Lebanese Mother of God). Dinner, rest at the hotel.

Accomodation: hotel Three O'Nine
Meals: breakfast

Day 4. April 13, 2025 (Sunday). BEIRUT - DAMASCUS

After breakfast a home flight or transfer to Damascus for those who continue travelling to Syria.

Accomodation: no
Meals: breakfast

*Recommended flight from Beirut to Moscow:
  • Flight from Beirut at any time on April 14.

* The program may be adjusted depending on travel conditions, arrival/departure time, movement restrictions, government decision or any other objective circumstances.
Cost includes:

  • accommodation at the Three O'Nine hotel (in Beirut 3 nights), according to the program (in TWIN / DBL rooms)
  • breakfasts
  • drinking bottled water throughout the trip
  • transfer from the airport and back
  • all transfers according to the program
  • all entrance fees / admission to all attractions indicated in the program
  • Facilitation and approvals for visa
  • Russian- and English speaking professional local guide throughout all trip

Cost excludes (additionally paid):

  • International flight ticket to Beirut and back
  • international health insurance
  • lunches, dinners and drinks
  • tips for the local team
  • personal expenses
  • single accomodation

Взять с собой:

  • long sleeve wear set, wear set for hot weather
  • very light jacket for cool nights of airplane
  • comfortable trekking or running footwear, light footwear (sneakers or slippers)
  • cap/hat
  • scarf for women for visiting Mosques and Shrines (the one also be provided by our team)
  • big backpack/bag for luggage (not more than 80 liters capacity), suitcase is also suitable
  • small backpack for radial walks for personal stuff and photo-, video cameras (20-25 l)
  • sunblock cream
  • sunglasses
  • personal hygiene items
  • personal medical kit (analgesics, antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, intestinal, multivitamins, rehydrone, court plaster, your personal medications)
  • photo and video camera
  • batteries and power bank
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