Expedition with professional traveler to medieval Ghadames in Sahara and antique cities of Tripolitania


November 16 - 22, 2024
Tour to Libya

Tour to Libya, medieval Ghadames, Sahara, Tadrart Akakus, Tripolitania
To see antique Roman and Phoenician cities of Tripolitania, spend the night in "the pearl of the desert" – medieval city of Ghadames, and reach the dunes of Sahara.

Our Libyan expedition explores once one of the most impressive countries of Africa with number of UNESCO World heritage sites, from Leptis Magna and Sabratha in the north, to the Sahara and the ghost city of Ghadames.

Tour to Libya, medieval Ghadames, Sahara, Tadrart Akakus, Tripolitania

Dates: November 16 — 22, 2024

It connects with the program to Tunisia from November 22 to 27, 2024.

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Number of participants: 6 – 12

Cost per person:

– 2 440 EUR, subject to 12 participants or
– 2 590 EUR, subject to 10 – 11 participants or
– 2 690 EUR, subject to 8 – 9 participants or
– 2 790 EUR, subject to 6 – 7 participants

10% discount on early booking of participation (until June 16, 2024)

Everything is included, except for:

- international flight to Tripoli roundtrip,
- international medical insurance,
- Libya visa (at 90 – 110 EUR to be obtained in Libyan embassy in your respective country, upon sending documents by our Libyan partners to this particular embassy),
- partially lunches or dinners.

Estimated cost of international flight Moscow – Tripoli – Moscow: from EUR 800 (to be purchased on your own. We consult).
Estimated cost of international flight Cairo – Tripoli – Cairo: from EUR 350 (We can purchase upon your request).
Estimated cost of international flight Tunis – Tripoli – Tunis: from EUR 300 (We can purchase upon your request).
Estimated cost of international flight Istanbul – Tripoli – Istanbul: from EUR 450 (We can purchase upon your request).

Single supplement: 430 EUR per person (it is provided along the whole itinerary).

TRAVEL PROGRAM: tour to Libya

Day 1. November 16, 2024 (Saturday). TRIPOLI

Morning arrival in Tripoli, capital of Libya. Transfer to the hotel Cleopatra 4*.
Shower, breakfast and at 12 pm tour around Old City of Tripoli with its colonial Mediterranean architecture and beautiful Italian streets. Having lunch in the most famous restaurant in Libya (with the top view), from Red Castle we proceed to Medina, the heart of the city, where some tiny colourful streets may resemble backstreets of Florence or even central part of Candelaria in Colombian Bogota. Of course with its oriental features. We explore the old quarters linked to the Main Square and Marcus Aurelius Arch of Roman times. Visit National Museum, if the government decides to re-open it.
Overnight in Cleopatra Hotel 4* in Tripoli.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Accommodation included: Cleopatra Hotel 4*

Recommended flights:

— EgyptAir from Moscow via Cairo, departure from Moscow on November 15 at 16:55, stopover in Cairo 9 hours 40 minutes, departure from Cairo on November 16 at 7:00 am, arrival in Tripoli on November 16 at 9:45 am,
— Libyan Wings flight from Istanbul, departure at 3:30 am on November 16, arrival in Tripoli at 6:00 am on November 16,
— morning flight from Tunis or Istanbul with Libyan Wings or Ghadamis Air, with arrival in Tripoli no later than at 10 am on November 16,
— any other flight from any city arriving in Tripoli no later than at 10 am on November 16.

Day 2. November 17, 2024 (Sunday). TRIPOLI — QASR AL HAJJ — NALUT — GHADAMES (620 km)

Today we drive south-west, to Sahara region, in order to reach the old city of Ghadames on the border with Algeria (620 km, 10 hours drive).
Driving via Alazizia, the humble town which was twice recorded to Guinness book! Alazizia is considered a hottest habituated place on Earth, where the temperature once reached +58 degrees Celsius in the shade!
We pass Jabel Nafusa mountains, reach in Berber culture.
Our first stop is in Qasr Al Hajj, which has interesting history, very photogenic appearance and curious significance.
After exploring this castle, en route we stop for photo at nice installation made of real tanks, as a monument against war.
Lunch time in Nalut, the center of Amazir (Berber) culture. Explore Casr Nalut which played the same role for Berber, serving as a grain storage and even gold deposit. Very nice place to get lost and such a photogenic!
Late arrival in Ghadames. Night in beautiful hotel Dar Ghadames 4* (the new name is Winzric Hotel) once built by Italians in the old Ghadames style.

Meals included: breakfast, dinner
Accommodation included: hotel Dar Ghadames 4*

Day 3. November 18, 2024 (Monday). GHADAMES — SAHARA SAND DUNES — GHADAMES

After breakfast, spend the day visiting Ghadames, an ancient caravan center situated at the edge of the Sahara near the borders of Algeria and Tunisia. This Berber town of unique architecture, palm groves, and gardens is an oasis that forms part of the sub-region of Gharian. It offers the traveler the warm hospitality of the Berber people (actually Ghadames people even speaking their own Ghadames language!) and a unique perspective of day-to-day life that has not changed for centuries. We will discover unique houses built of mud, lime, gypsum and palm tree trunks in the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This unique design keeps the houses cool during hot days and warm during cold nights. Allegedly founded 12000 tears ago, this city remembers all historical layers: Phoenicians, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Ottoman and Italian. There is no any other city same as Ghadames: absolutely unique masterpiece of Sudanese style adobe architecture which differs from what you could see in Agadez, Djenne or Timbouktou!
All streets are roofed! In addition, the rooftops are all connected to allow the women to get around without being seen by men. In the roofs you are in another city of 1001 night…
Enjoy great traditional lunch at a traditionally decorated house, again having completely unique decoration.
In the afternoon head to the dunes by 4x4 vehicles for a beautiful view of the Sahara surrounding Ghadames and watch the spectacular sunset.
Western first visit the curious old ruined castle (settlement) on the top of the hill called Ras Al Hud.
Then proceed 40 minutes to Triangle of 3 countries — Libya, Algeria and Tunis, where we climb by cars the Ghadames dunes (such an experience!) and then walk to the very top of the dunes which are up to 70 meters height. Once on the top, check your GPS, you're already in Algeria!
In the way back we drink traditional tea and try bread freshly baked right in the sand by local Touareg people. The hand made date juice and olive oil is also to be tested.
Dinner, optionally shisha and overnight in Dar Ghadames hotel.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Accommodation included: hotel Dar Ghadames 4*

Day 4. November 19, 2024 (Tuesday). GHADAMES — GERYAN — TRIPOLI (645 km)

Farewell to the old city of Ghadames, the sister city of famous Agadez in Niger and Timbuktu and Djenne in Mali.
Early departure back to Tripoli (645 km, 10 hours driving).
We take another road that climbs up to the Jabel Nafusa mountains. Here we find the old ruins of settlement of Byzantine time with the old Orthodox Church remnants — Casr Kabaw. The best Mountain View in Tripolitania and proceed eastward.
Today we have chance to visit one more place: either Tormisa known as another place of granary deposit or halt in Geryan for short visit of traditional underground houses.
If we have traditional market, we can shortly visit en route. Lunch is quick on the way (pizza or hamburgers are normally available).
Dinner in Tripoli in one of the best restaurants (Syrian or Libyan food).
Overnight in the hotel Cleopatra 4* in Tripoli.

Meals included: breakfast, dinner
Accommodation included: Cleopatra Hotel 4*

Day 5. November 20, 2024 (Wednesday). TRIPOLI — LEPTIS MAGNA – TRIPOLI (240 km)

After breakfast, we drive some 120 km east of Tripoli to spend the day exploring the spectacular ruins of Leptis Magna, one of the greatest ancient sites in the world. Originally a Phoenician trading port during the 7th century BC, it prospered for nearly 1000 years before Vandal invasions and sandstorms led to its downfall. This vast city remained buried for some 1300 years until the 1920's when a significant excavation by Italian and Libyan archaeologists revealed the limestone and marble wonders that we explore today. Leptis Magna is considered the world's best Roman times ruined outside Rome.
Here we explore the public baths, Roman market, temples, forums, port, basilica, amazing arches and columns with original capitals and bas reliefs. The cherry on the cake is the theatre with smashing view and huge coliseum-like amphitheatre.
Lunch served on site.
Drive back to Tripoli. Overnight in Cleopatra Hotel 4* in Tripoli.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Accommodation included: Cleopatra Hotel 4*

Day 6. November 21, 2024 (Thursday). TRIPOLI — SABRATHA — TRIPOLI (160 km)

After breakfast, head west of Tripoli (80 km) to Sabratha, a fantastic historical city that dates back to 500 BC. The Phoenicians used this UNESCO World Heritage Site as a port and trading post. Explore the peculiar Phoenician temple, as well as Roman temples, city walls, baths with ancient mosaic and of course Sabratha theatre — one more Libyan masterpiece! For sure, l the most popular site in Sabratha, this theatre preserves its 3-storey portal with elaborative bas reliefs and engravings.
After discovering this Libyan landmark, drive back to the capital.
Lunch in Libyan restaurant Tripolis (traditional Libyan food).
Stroll across Medina again to buy some antique stuff, local gold items or just souvenirs.
Dinner in Al Walema Sea Food restaurant on your own to choose any fish or sea food you prefer. It is much cheaper than expected!
Overnight in Cleopatra Hotel 4* in Tripoli.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Accommodation included: Cleopatra Hotel 4*

Day 7. November 22, 2024 (Friday). TRIPOLI — RETURN FLIGHT

After breakfast, transfer to the airport of Tripoli in order to catch the return international flight.

Meals included: breakfast
Accommodation included: no

Recommended flights:

— EgyptAir to Moscow via Cairo, departure from Tripoli on November 22 at 10:45 am, stopover in Cairo 5 hours 30 minutes, departure from Cairo on November 22 at 19:00, arrival in Moscow on November 23 at 1:30 am,
— Libyan Wings to Istanbul, departure from Tripoli on November 22 at 8:30 am, arrival in Istanbul at 13:00,
— morning or evening flight to Tunis or Istanbul with Libyan Wings or Ghadamis Air, with departure from Tripoli any time on November 22,
— any other flight to any city, departing from Tripoli any time on November 22.

* The order of visits and excursions can be modified according to local conditions (i.e. state of roads, security conditions etc.). If some visits and/or tours could not be done due to external conditions, they will be replaced when possible.

** The participant of expedition to Libya must be motivated to be respectful to the culture of local people, be aware of the objectives of the trip and possible program changes depending on weather or road conditions, security conditions and any other reasons, be able to adapt to the new environment and culture.
Cost includes:

  • accommodation in 4* hotels on the basis of TWIN/DBL
  • meals: all breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 dinners, as indicated in the program
  • private air-conditioned transport: 4WD jeep cars in the desert and by minibus (or big bus, depending on the size of the group) in the rest of the itinerary
  • all airport transfers
  • visa invitation letter and visa support
  • travel permits
  • airport formalities and passport registration
  • Tourism Police escort and its full expenses
  • experienced English speaking local guide throughout the entire itinerary
  • archaeological sites' and all entrance fees and visits, all local taxes
  • archaeological sites & museum guides
  • English and Russian speaking team leader

Cost excludes (additionally paid):

  • international flight to Tripoli roundtrip
  • international medical insurance
  • visa for Libya (at 90 – 110 EUR to be obtained in Libyan embassy in your respective country, upon sending documents by our Libyan partners to this particular embassy),
  • 2 lunches, 4 dinners, as indicated in the program
  • alcohol, souvenirs, personal items
  • tips
  • single supplement

To take with:

sets of clothes fitting weather conditions,
at least one warm set of clothes
long sleeve wear set,
comfortable closed shoes and open shoes,
big backpack (or travel bag, or suitcase) for luggage,
small backpack for personal belongings and camera,
mosquito net for sleeping place (recommended),
sunblock set: cream, sunglasses, cap,
personal hygiene items,
personal medical kit (analgesics, sanitizers, rehydration, antiviral, antibiotics, your personal medicine),
anti malaria preventive pills (up to you to decide, low risk),
photo and video camera, tripod
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