Jeep safari to the legendary Boszhira and the Fallen Earth


September 3 - 10, 2023
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tour to Mangystau Kazakhstan Jeep safari to Boszhira and the Fallen Earth the Valley of balls

One moment, and you're in another reality!
We are in a land not yet traveled by tourists, risen from the waters of the ancient ocean of Thetis, which stormed here 5 million years ago, in which once swam huge molluscs and Paleogene giant sharks...
Walking on a huge natural billiard table, between giant fossilized balls with ammonites, visiting underground and cave Sufi shrines, picturesque canyons and salt pans...

Here among the white and dusty wasteland you can still find an ancient shark's fang or a dinosaur's spine!
We are waiting for a real expedition in jeeps through the wilderness with adventure 24/7 and a cozy sleep under the stars with delicious camping food and precious showers in places where water simply does not exist !
The feeling of being in a time machine "in the middle of nowhere" is guaranteed!

Мы заберёмся высоко в горы в аул Бурши и перенесёмся лет на 40 в прошлое. Пройдем на лошадях по красивейшей долине реки Арцалинех и достигнем пирамиды Пабаку. Откроем спрятанные высоко в горах Юждага аулы-призраки, стоя на краю которых захватывает дух! Заберёмся на крайний юг России, достигнем самого высокогорного поселения Европы – Куруш, расположенного в окружении высочайших вершин, и отправимся в путешествие по марсианскому плато Ерыдага.
Забудьте всё, что вы знали о Дагестане! Это настоящее путешествие во времени!
Мы путешествуем в замечательной компании первого и единственного дагестанского восходителя на Эверест Рашида Гаджиясулова!

Dates: September 3 - 10, 2023

Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights

Number of participants: 4 – 12

Cost per person:
- 1 490 USD subject to 7 – 12 participants,
- 1 590 USD subject to 4 - 6 participants.

Everything is included except for:
- flight to Aktau (Kazakhstan) roundtrip,
- medical insurance.

Estimated flight cost Moscow – Aktau – Moscow: 350 – 500 USD (to be purchased on your own. We consult)

Single supplement:
- 90 USD subject in yurt


Day 1. September 3, 2023. AKTAU - THE "FALLEN EARTH" ZHYGYLGAN

Morning arrival in Aktau. Breakfast and meeting with the team. From Aktau we immediately set off for adventure and leave civilization. We have a way to the northernmost point of our expedition, we will travel more than 150 km, to one of the most amazing parts of Mangistau. Our first location is the ancient tectonic landslide Zhygylgan, which means "fallen earth" in Kazakh. We will see how nature can create chaos that is mesmerizing. We will take some pictures on the steep ledges and immediately move down to explore these labyrinths of ruins.
Having gone down, we will have lunch and go to discover new lands. Zhygylgan is fraught with many secrets. Let's see how many secrets he will show us in this two-hour trek.
Today we will be able to see the footprints of prehistoric lions preserved as fossils and the heart-shaped Kozdikara Lake. Returning back to the cars, we will hit the road, and if we have time, we will see the sun goes down into the sea. Grandfather Caspian is waiting for us.
We spend the night in our camp overlooking the sea.

Meals included: lunch, dinner
Accommodation included: tents

Recommended flights:

- with Turkish Airlines from Moscow to Aktau with a stopover in Istanbul, departure from Moscow on September 2 at 19:35, stopover 1h40min, departure from Istanbul on September 3 at 1:15 am, and arrival in Aktau on September 3 at 6:15 am ,
- with Aeroflot and SCAT from Moscow to Aktau with a transfer in Astrakhan, transfer 6 hours 20 minutes, departure from Astrakhan on September 3 at 7:50 am, arrival in Aktau on September 3 at 9:20 am,
- or withTurkish Airlines from Istanbul to Aktau by direct flight, departure from Istanbul on September 3 at 1:15 am, arrival in Aktau on September 3 at 6:15 am,
- or with SCAT from Istanbul to Aktau by direct flight, departure from Istanbul on September 2 at 23:50 at night, arrival in Aktau on September 3 at 4:20 in the morning,
- or by any other flight arriving in Aktau no later than 9:30 am on September 3.


Today we wake up early, because miracles have already woken up!
We leave the tents and meet the dawn, while the team prepares a delicious breakfast for us. Today is also a busy day. Firstly we stop at the most beautiful underground mosque in Mangistau - Shakpak-Ata, carved into the chalk rock. You won't believe your eyes, but these fabulous walls with thousands of holes were created by nature itself! There is no dress code at the entrance, but it is better not to be in the temple in short shorts and skirts, T-shirts and dresses with bare shoulders. Take a long scarf with you to cover the bare parts of the body, you can put a turban on your head - you will get atmospheric photos!
Here we will spend about half an hour, have lunch and go further.
The path lies on a huge billiard table - the Valley of spherical nodules Torysh. Scientists still argue about their origin, and locals tell many legends.
Further we keep the way to the valley of Airakty castles. Here, the remains of chinks resembling ancient buildings are everywhere.
After sunset on Airakty, we will set up our camp.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Accommodation: tents

Day 3. September 5, 2023. AIRAKTY - YBYKTY CANYON - YURT COMPLEX

Today we are leaving Airakty towards the Tuzbair salt marsh. But first we will visit the Ybykty Canyon, the one that resembles the Antelope Canyon in America.
We will move to a stylized yurt complex and check into yurts in the afternoon. Today there will be an opportunity to take a hot shower.
Traditional dinner and overnight in traditional yurts.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: yurt (group accomadation)


Today we wake up early, because we have several amazing locations on our list to visit at once, and we need to be in time everywhere. In the morning before lunch we drive further to the observation platform of the sora (salt marsh) Tuzbair, where we look down on the white valley. Then we will go to the Sphinx rock to look for the teeth of ancient sharks and other remains of dinosaur age creatures. Someone will be lucky, and will take home a real relic, and someone will make a wish to return here again.
After lunch, we dedicate a place with chalk cliffs, lost canyons and white litter that goes into the horizon.
We will go to one of our favorite canyons, where we will see how the water and wind carve the chalk walls and give them a fabulous look. The most assiduous will be able to find a stone with imprints of ammonites and sea urchins, which are several tens of millions of years old.
To see off the sun, we will go out to the salt marsh and have a photo session there.
Setting up the camp, dinner.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tents


After breakfast, Tuzbair will show us one of his distant secret locations - the Elephant Arch. There are similar arches in America, but there are no such wild, non-tourist and snow-white ones anywhere! Everyone will take home a cool photo from this place and keep its location a secret.
Then we have lunch and gain strength for moving to Bozzhyra and for a walk near the Dragon's Ridge - a picturesque mountain with sharp denticles, similar to a scallop.
Arrival at our camp on Bozzhyra - the most epic place in Mangistau. It is here that the thought that we ended up on Mars most often visits!
In autumn, sunsets in this area come at seven o'clock, so we have time to spend every evening in campfire conversations, guitar songs and games.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tents

Day 6. September 8, 2023. ASCENT TO THE FANGS OF BOZZHIRA

Before breakfast you can take pictures of the Bozzhyra rocks in the rays of the dawn sun. Today is an important day. Today we will climb Bozzhyra and meet her fangs face to face. We are in for a difficult hike along the smooth ledges of the mountain, but we will definitely manage and in less than an hour we will climb the most epic observation deck of the entire Mangistau. Euphoria in the blood, "wow" every 3 minutes and the most unique travel pictures among travelers are provided to you.
After taking pictures, enjoying the views and thinking about the great, we go down to the camp, rest, have lunch.
Another chance to visit and take pictures of the best locations in Mangistau. The weather here is changeable and often gives you a chance to shoot epic shots!
Dinner and overnight on Mars.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: tents


Our first location for today is Tiramisu Valley. The locals have nicknamed this tract because walking along the striped hills gives the impression that you are wandering through a huge piece of dessert. And for us, experienced travelers, this place resembles something between The Wave Canyon in Arizona and the Rainbow Mountains in Peru. Here we will stay for a couple of hours and move to the city of Zhanaozen, where we will have lunch. After lunch, we will go to the shores of the Caspian Sea. Here we will set up camp and have dinner.
Our camp stands right on the seashore among the picturesque shell rocks and snow-white beaches, it is hard to believe that this can happen here in the harsh steppes, but this is not a dream.
In the plans: rest, swimming in the sea, sunbathing, exploration of the coastline.
We spend the sunset with the knowledge that we are on the shores of the largest lake in the world, and after sunset photography we will have dinner, a farewell fire and the final night in tents under the rustle of the waves and fairy tales of the Caspian Sea.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation included: tents

Day 8. September 10, 2023 (May 16, 2023). CASPIAN SEA - AKTAU
On the final day in the golden morning light we create the final photographic masterpieces. Someone can swim or just sunbathe again. After breakfast, packing and going back to Aktau.
And there: tears, sincere confessions, hugs and promises to return here again.

Meals included: breakfast, dinner
Accommodation: no

Recommended flights:

– by direct Aeroflot flight from Aktau to Moscow, departure from Aktau on September 10 at 18:15, arrival in Moscow at 19:15,
– by direct SCAT flight from Aktau to Moscow, departure from Aktau on September 10 at 17:45, arrival in Moscow at 18:50,
– by direct flight a / c SCAT from Aktau to Istanbul, departure from Aktau on September 10 at 21:50, arrival in Istanbul at 22:50,
– or any other flight with a departure from Aktau not earlier than 16:00 on September 10.

Cost includes:

• single accommodation in tents (or double accomodation for couples, possibility to sleep on open-air folding beds)
• three meals a day along the route (sometimes lunchboxes)
• mineral drinking water throughout the itinerary
• transport according to the program: 4WD prepared jeeps (each passenger has the access to the window, 2 pax in the rear seat) with AC and very experienced drivers,
• motorhome with water, mobile shower and toilets,
• generator, access to electricity,
• motorhome with kitchen, professional cook, dishware
• camping equipment: tents, double mats (regular and inflatable), sleeping bags, tables and chairs, lounge and dining zone tent
• experienced local Russian speaking and English-speaking guide
• team leader

Cost excludes (additionally paid):

• flight to Aktau (Kazakhstan) roundtrip
• medical insurance
• Kazakhstan visa (if required)
• Additional services
• Personal expenses, souvenirs
• single accommodation in yurt

To take with:

• light clothing sets (shorts, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts)
• set of warm clothes: fleece, windproof trousers, windproof jacket
• thermal underwear
• hats for different weather conditions: cap / hat / panama from the sun
• buff
• tracking socks
• trekking shoes or desert shoes and comfortable light shoes (sneakers) for walking
• swimwear
• raincoat
• personal hygiene products (towel, soap, wet wipes)
• personal medicines (including analgesics, antiseptics, antibiotics, medications necessary for you personally, antiviral, intestinal, multivitamins, rehydron, band aid)
• sun and wind protection products (cream, sunglasses)
• repellents
• large backpack for things,
• small backpack for radial exits (30 – 50 l)
• trekking poles
• head torch
• thermos (optional)
• photo and video equipment, spare batteries, powerbank
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