The legendary Arctic route via Novaya Zemlya, Cape Chelyuskin, Severnaya Zemlya archipelago, the Novosibirsk Islands, and Cape Dezhnev with a team of professional explorers


August 10 - 25 September, 2022
Russian Arctic

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Northwest Passage is one of the world's most significant and unique routes. For many years, the Arctic route has been attracting the most passionate seafarers with its greatness.

This is a real marine expedition, the route of which lies through the whole of Russia from west to east! During one navigation the team will cover 3000 nautical miles, visiting the northernmost point of Eurasia - Cape Chelyuskin and its easternmost point - Cape Dezhnev!

Five seas, the icy waters of the Pacific and Arctic oceans, polar bears, the sounds of a polar owl and the unique landscapes of uninhabited islands - is small life of the great Northwest Passage!

The expedition is led by one of the best yacht captains in the world, Daniil Gavrilov.

cape Dezhnev, cruise, Novaya Zemlya, Arctic route, Severnaya Zemlya, whales, polar bears, Chukotka, Northern route


Dates: August 10 - 25 September, 2022 (dates of the trip may be slightly adjusted)

Duration: about 45 days (30 - on board, 15 - docks)

Number of participants:

Cost per person: 2 000 000 rubles

TRAVEL PROGRAM: Northwest Passage

Throughout the entire expedition we will go from the port of Naryan-Mar to Port Anadyr. During this period we will pass in accordance with the next thread of the route:


Vaygach is a whole archipelago, surrounded by 111 tiny islets and rocks. The Nenets name of the island is "Khebidya-ya" - "holy land". Legend has it that the World Old Man and Old Woman, Vesako and Hedako lived here. The path along the Land's End, the knot of the Pomor route to the Siberian seas is a sacred place for the indigenous peoples of the North. Ancient sites of the Stone Age, huts, Pomor crosses-landmarks of the Russian shores, hundreds of idols, traces of sacrifices, a dozen sanctuaries with telling names - Lisiy Kamen, Oleniy Kamen, Bear's Head, Bolvanskaya Gora. Here, each stone is steeped in mystery, deep history and unique atmosphere.

Novaya Zemlya is surrounded by many islands and deep bays. The archipelago is the largest area among the clusters of the European part of the Arctic Ocean. Its area is comparable to that of Austria - 83,000 square kilometers.

Dikson is a Russian Arctic seaport located on the coast of the Kara Sea at the entrance to the Yenisei Gulf. It is located in the village of Dikson, Krasnoyarsk Territory. It was planned that the port will become the base on the Northwest Passage

to provide the berthing and bunkering of ships with coal.


On May 20, 1742, the famous Russian polar explorer Semyon Ivanovich Chelyuskin reached the most northern point of Russia - cape, which was later named after him.

The Severnaya Zemlya archipelago is located in the Arctic Ocean north of the Taimyr Peninsula on the border of the Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea. Here we can see many narrow fjords descending into the glaciers, cute little walruses and Arctic hares, the measured life of polar bears, and luxuriant colonies of white seagulls.

Maria P. Pronchishcheva Bay, a bay of the Laptev Sea, is located on the eastern coast of Taimyr about 75 kilometers north of the entrance to Khatanga Bay. At the entrance to the bay is one of the largest in the former Soviet Union, the now abandoned northern polar explorers' base.

Tiksi is a Russian Arctic seaport located on the coast of the Laptev Sea.

Today we will have an exciting landing on an uninhabited island, these lands have not yet been explored by scientists at all. The Novosibirsk islands are one of the largest archipelagos in the World Ocean.
The base of the island is represented by granites. The surface of the islands is formed by perennially frozen rocks (limestone and shale in the western part), loose sedimentary deposits and - in large quantities - ground ice.
The natural landscape of the Novosibirsk islands is arctic tundra (mosses, lichens, polar poppies, buttercups, croup, stonecrop, spoon grass), interspersed with lakes and bogs. It is home to reindeer, arctic fox, lemming, and many seabirds.

Pevek is the most northern city of Russia, it is the center, which provides the needs of the gold mines located in the area.


We have every chance to make a landing on Wrangel Island. in 2004, it became the first Arctic site of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO. Some of the most northern sites of ancient people were discovered here. In addition, Wrangel Island is believed to be a fragment of the ancient Berinia, the land that linked Asia and America many thousands of years ago. This land has the highest species richness of flora and fauna in the Arctic. This land has the highest species richness of flora and fauna in the Arctic, it is the best place to see polar bears.

On this day we will reach the extreme eastern point of Russia and the whole continent Eurasia. If the weather and visibility is good you can see not only outlines of the islands of Ratmanov (Russia) and Krusenstern (USA), but also continental coast of America - Alaska. On the way to land we will observe gray whales beating their tails, walruses and lots of bird bazaars.

Here nearby is the Lorino village - the "whaling capital of Chukotka", located on the shore of the Mechigmenskaya Bay. It is the largest national village in Chukotka with the population of almost 1400 people.

Providence Bay is one of the most beautiful places on the route. Here the fjords and lagoons fringe the picturesque mountain slopes. We will have a great chance to see whalers. The place is rich in heritage of the ancient culture of whalers and reindeer herders, who for centuries have been building their lives in the harsh conditions of the north.

The seaport of Anadyr is the largest federal seaport in Chukotka, located in the northern part of the Bering Sea on the coast of the Anadyr estuary. The village of Lorino, the "whaling capital of Chukotka," is located nearby. And that means there is a high chance of seeing a whale being cutup.

This is where our big adventure comes to an end!

* Please do not purchase tickets without checking without our conformation

** The description of this route is the general plan of the expedition. Depending on weather and ice conditions, the itinerary may vary


Daniil Gavrilov
Commander RUSARC
"I'm going to lead this expedition. First of all, it's quite a complicated trip: it requires a highly qualified crew to make it safe. Secondly, I have my own list of places I want to visit.

12 years ago we set records in these places: we walked fast and didn't stay long. This time the tasks are the same: we need to go quickly, but we also want to see the beauty of the North.

From my personal wishes:

- Severnaya Zemlya archipelago (to pass the straits and look at the local icebergs - must be beautiful);

- M. Pronchishcheva Bay, Novosibirsk islands (never saw with my own eyes how to extract mammoth tusk);

- All the obvious places like Dikson (which I never went to, although I was supposed to be there), Tiksi and the beloved Chukotka.

Maybe we'll even run into Wrangel for a while, and, of course, I'll show you my favourite places on Vaigach and Novaya Zemlya.

It is important that the participants of the expedition share the goal - to conquer the Northwest Passage

under sail. This means that you will have to carry real watch together with your comrades and go to places where a man rarely sets foot, in a word, to feel the spirit of northern expeditions on your own skin.

Last year I had a great pleasure to drink coffee while meeting the sunrise at Dezhnev Cape - even for such an experienced polar explorer as me it was exciting.

Sign up, you'll have something to tell your grandchildren. "

ALYONKA - expedition motor sailing yacht
Expedition sailing yacht ALYONKA built by the Italian company "Benetti" at Viareggio shipyard in 1981. Completely renovated in 2013 and now ready for polar expeditions
The steel yacht ALYONKA was built by Italian boat builder Benetti at Viareggio shipyard in 1981. After many years of service, in 2013 the yacht was completely renovated: deck and interiors were finished with teak wood, all onboard systems were renewed, two new engines were installed. In 2022 the yacht became part of the RUSARC fleet and is now ready for long polar expeditions.
Accommodation for guests:

  • a double aft deluxe stateroom with a double bed;
  • 2 double cabins with double beds;
  • one berth in a double cabin with bunk beds

The yacht is equipped with:

  • 5 latrines
  • 5 showers
  • fridge
  • dishwasher
  • washing machine and dryer
  • the system of hot water and heating of all rooms
  • inverter 3 kW
  • diesel Generator 220 V
  • satellite communication
  • navigation and rescue equipment

The yacht is ready for expeditions in near-polar regions under any weather conditions. An outrigger boat is provided for landings.
A proven, reliable crew of captain, XO and cook participates in all expeditions.
Cost includes:

- accommodation in cabins
- bed linen and towels
- parking (water/electricity)
- three meals a day on board
- professional crew

Cost excludes (additionally paid):

- airfare from your city to Naryan-Mar and back from Anadyr to your city
- personal medical insurance
- souvenirs, other incidentals
- satellite connection

Take with you:

ATTENTION! The weather will be very changeable. Strong winds, high waves and rain and snow precipitation are expected.

- Warm fleece and thermal underwear.
- Thermosocks (several pairs).
- Rubber high boots with a warm inner insert for walking on the shore.
- Shoes for walking inside the yacht (sneakers).
- Parka, raincoat, pants and things made of waterproof materials.
- Gloves (preferably 2 pairs).
- Hat (preferably 2).
- Sunglasses (with a rope so as not to lose it in the sea).
- Personal hygiene items, towel.
- Hand cream, face cream and sunscreen.
- Waterproof cases for photographic equipment.
- Personal first aid kit with individual medicines.

(!) Things must be packed in soft bags and backpacks

    The authors of the photos used:
    Dmitry Kokh, Vadim Balakin, Deepak Kamath, Alex Kuzmitsky, Stas Zakharov, Max Pankov

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