Ethnic expedition with Mzungu to Balumbe nomadic Pygmies, tribes of Equateur and Sepeurs of Kinshasa


November 1 to 10, 2019
Tour Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda

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Have you ever stand face to face with the giant 2-meter height alpha male of mountain gorilla? Have you ever look into the crater of active volcano with 600 meter lava lake? You might play football with pigmy people or raft on the White Nile?
You'll discover all these in Zaire and Uganda, situated in the very heart of the Black continent. This destination is truly one of the biggest adventures that you ever took part in!

Tour to Democratic Republic Congo, Uganda, Rwanda. Have you ever stand face to face with the giant 2-meter height alpha male of mountain gorilla? Have you ever look into the crater of active volcano with 600 meter lava lake? You might play football with pigmy people or raft on the White Nile?
You'll discover all these in Zaire and Uganda, situated in the very heart of the Black continent. This destination is truly one of the biggest adventures that you ever took part in!


Dates: November 1st to 10th, 2019

Duration: 10 days / 9 nights



Day 1. November 1, 2019. Arrival to Rwanda

Departure to Kigali.
Arrival to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Rest.
Overnight stay at Five to Five Hotel or similar.
* Recommended departure by Turkish Airlines on November 1 with an arrival in Kigali at night from November 1 to 2 (at 1:25 on November 2)

Day 2. November 2 2019. Lake Kivu

After breakfast we drive along the picturesque roads of Rwanda with its mountain slopes covered with coniferous forest and tea plantations. We move to the suburb of Gisenyi, on the border with DR Congo.
Check-in at the hotel, located on the shore of Lake Kivu, which is one of the lake of the Great Rift Valley chain. In the clear water of the lake you can swim, restoring energy before an intensive expedition program.
Overnight at the Paradise Malahide Hotel.

Day 3. November 3, 2019. Ascent to Nyiragongo volcano

After breakfast, we cross the border in Gisenyi and move to Goma, the capital of the province of North Kivu of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Ascent to Nyiragongo (3470 m above sea level), the most active volcano of the continent which has one of the five and at the same time the world's largest, active lava lake. Ascent does not require special training and takes full day.
Sunset and late evening at the crater, contemplating the bizarre view of Nyiragongo magma – one of the most liquid in the world.
Overnight in cozy mountain shelter on the edge of Nyiragongo caldera.

Day 4. November 4, 2018. Descent from the volcano and transfer to Lake Bunyoni

Sunrise near the lava lake. After breakfast at the caldera we make a descent from the volcano, passing through several climatic zones.
Moving to Rwanda and crossing the border with Uganda. We drive up to the highland and find ourselves on the second deepest lake of Africa - Bunyoni. By canoe or motorboat we cross over to the green island of Bushara. You can swim in the clean and cool water of the lake.
Overnight in tent hotel or cottages of Bushara Island Camp on Bushara Island.

Day 5. November 5, 2018. Lake Bunyoni

After breakfast, swimming in the lake and by canoe or motorboat we take a short tour around the islands. There are 28 islands on Lake Bunyoni. Bird watching, including the crowned crane - a symbol of Uganda. Here we will get to know the local population - the friendly people of Bakiga who inhabit the shores of Bunyoni lake.
Transfer to Kisoro, accommodation in a hotel in the town of Kisoro, near the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
Overnight in Kisoro Tourist Hotel or similar one near Bwindi National Park.

Day 6. November 6, 2019. Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

After breakfast at the hotel, we go to one of the most exciting adventures, the quintessence of any expedition to Central Africa – visiting one of the families of gorillas living in Bwindi National Park. Eastern gorillas are the largest primates living on Earth, reaching a height of about 2 meters and weighing more than 200 kg, and, at the same time, some of the rarest. Their population is slightly more than 700, with more than half currently living in Uganda, in the Bwindi forest. Mountain Eastern Gorillas are the endemics of Central Africa, with tiny populations also in Virunga NP in the DRC and Volcanoes Park in Rwanda, the visit costs a lot of money, but it's worth it!
Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable is a thing in itself, and the name of the national park speaks for itself. In addition to a large number of herbivores and forest elephants, here you can find a huge number of other primates, including chimpanzees.
Those who want to take a day rest, can spend it in a lodge in the vicinity of the park.
Evening and overnight in the The Crested Crane Bwindi Hotel or similar one near Bwindi NP.

Day 7. November 7, 2019. Queen Elizabeth Park and Twa Pygmy village

After breakfast at the hotel, a short drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park, located on the border with DR Congo, around Lake Edward, which, along with Tanganyika and Kivu, is part of the East African Rift Valley.
Safari in the Queen Elizabeth Park, where besides large herbivores - elephants, buffaloes, hippos and giraffes, you can meet lions and leopards.
Transfer to the Semliki National Park area, to the village of Twa (Batwa) Pygmies tribe. Ethnic evening in the village of Pygmies by the fire.
Overnight in tents.

Day 8. November 8, 2019. Football with Pygmies

After breakfast in the outdoor, we conduct a football game Russia - Twa Pygmies in the vicinity of Semliki NP to take revenge for the defeat from another pygmy people - Mbuti in Ituri Forest 6 years ago. Football with the locals is usually a real show, regardless of whether you are fans of this game or not. On this occasion, the whole village comes to look at the outlandish football players (that is, at us).
In the afternoon, we cross half of the country and move to Jinja, a place on the White Nile, famous for its rafting.
Overnight at the Brisk Hotel Triangle overlooking Lake Victoria.

Day 9. November 9, 2019. Rafting on White Nile

After breakfast with a view of Lake Victoria, we are going for the whole day on the most interesting rafting in the upper White Nile. Rafting in Jinja is pretending to be the best in the world: we have to pass about a dozen rapids of 4 and 5 levels of difficulty and, most likely, wet the feet :) Experienced local instructors, who perfectly know the river and have various regalia, will accompany us.
In the evening transfer to Entebbe, the satellite city of Kampala, the capital of Uganda.
Overnight at hotel 4 Pinguins overlooking Lake Victoria. (Or a flight home from Entebbe airport if tickets for KLM flight are purchased).

Day 10. November 10, 2019. Lake Victoria and return home

Transfer to the airport, flight home.
If time allows, a walk in the botanical garden and Lake Victoria: the largest lake in the African continent, its area is twice bigger than the area of Lake Baikal, and here the longest river in the world, the Nile, originates.
* Depart early in the morning at 4:55 by Turkish Airlines (recommended flight) or in the afternoon (at 18:15) by Qatar Airways. Also departure on 9 November at 23:30 by KLM airlines is possible, without an overnight in Entebbe.
Cost includes:

• double accommodation in hotels / guest houses / campsites
• double accommodation in good hotels
• accommodation in camping in Semuliki and in a mountain shelter on Nyiragongo volcano
• breakfasts along the route
• the cook and three meals a day during the ascent to Nyiragongo
• transport with experienced drivers along the entire route
• armed guard on the volcano
• porters during the ascent on the volcano
• all permits for visiting protected areas, except for permissions for gorillas
• participation in rafting, equipment, instructors
• Russian-speaking and English-speaking team leader

To be additionally paid:

• medical insurance
• international flight Moscow - Kigali and Entebbe - Moscow
• international medical insurance
• Visas for Democratic Republic of the Congo (purchased in advance by the organizer of the expedition), Uganda and Rwanda (registered at the border on arrival)
• state permit to visit gorillas in Bwindi NP in Uganda
• lunches and dinners, besides included into the price in the section "Cost includes"
• single accommodation in hotels

To take with:

• Wear sets fitting weather conditions, including summer wear (shorts, T-shirts) and
• set of clothes for the weather conditions, one set of warm clothes
• set of clothes with long sleeves, repellents, mosquito net
• comfortable trekking shoes, headlamp, lightweight backpack for climbing the volcano
• sleeping bag for warm weather (on the volcano it is about +5/+10 degrees)
• mosquito net
• sun protection (cream, glasses, panama)
• personal hygiene kit
• personal medicines
• antimalarial prophylaxis
• certificate of yellow fever
• photo and video equipment

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda

Best season: October – April

A real wild Africa, one of the biggest adventures you can find yourself in: the wild jungles of Congo and Uganda where the great apes, eastern gorillas and chimpanzees, still survive.

Ascend to Nyiragongo volcano (3470 m) - the most active volcano of the continent, which has the world's largest permanent lava lake – and contemplate in the night the bizarre views of magma.

To see with your own eyes the last group on the planet (about 800 individuals) of eastern mountain gorillas in the Virunga NP in the DRC or in the Bwindi Impenetrable in Uganda. Alpha males, reaching a weight of 250 kg, let you come indecently close and make an indelible impression.

Play a football game with the Batwa pygmies - some of the smallest people on Earth, whose height often does not exceed 120 cm.

To make a jeep safari in the best National Park of Uganda - Queen Elizabeth NP, where besides large herbivores - elephants, buffaloes, hippos and giraffes, you can meet lions and leopards.

Try yourself on the rapids of the White Nile in Jinja, offering the world's best rafting.
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