Cultural expedition cruise to the islands of the Philippines and North Sulawesi


April 29 - May 9, 2023
Philippines and Indonesia

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Путешествия по России активный тур на зимний Байкал снегоходы хивус джипы
An unforgettable May holiday voyage on the new expedition ship SH Minerva, a true art boutique hotel on the water.
During the 10-day expedition, we will explore the culture, history, and fantastic nature of the Philippine Islands overlooking the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Numerous landings and excursions led by an experienced expedition team, as well as a wide variety of water activities from snorkeling, kayaking and sapboarding to diving. On this cruise we sample local Filipino cuisine, swim with whale sharks, pass under the 30-meter drop-off Katandayagan Falls on Ticao Island, explore the magical caves of Sohoton Bay, the chocolate hills of Bohol, and the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines!

An exotic island paradise in the distinctive style of a cultural expedition cruise!

Antarctica in elegance of a brand-new luxury polar-class expedition cruise ship South Shetland Islands Drake Passage


April 29 - May 9, 2023

Duration: 11 days/ 10 nights

The cost of the cabin depends on the deck where the cabin is located.
Description of the cabins you can find below in the end of this page.

Cost per person (double accomodation):

- Cabin with window OD4, 19 sqm € 8,948

- Cabin with window OM4, 19 sqm € 9,333

- Cabin with balcony BD5, 28 sqm € 10,191

- Cabin with balcony BM5, 28 sqm € 10,642

- Cabin with Balcony BD6, 28 sqm € 11,645

- SU Suite, 44 sqm € 13,415

- Deluxe Suite PS, 49 sqm € 15,497

Estimated cost of a flight to Manado: €1 600

tour antarctica

*Recommended flights:

From Moscow:

Via Abu Dhabi and Jakarta

- EY 66 J 27APR SVO - AUH 12:25 18:50
- EY 474 J 28APR AUH - CGK 02:50 14:25
- GA 600 D 29APR CGK - MDC 02:45 07:05

Via Doha and Jakarta
- QR 338 V 28APR SVO - DOH 00:55 05:45
- QR 954 V 28APR DOH - CGK 08:30 21:30
- GA 600 M 29APR CGK - MDC 02:45 07:05

Via Dubai and Jakarta
- EK2253 I 28APR VKO - DXB 01:50 08:15
- EK 358 I 28APR DXB - CGK 10:45 22:10
- EK3554 I 29APR CGK - MDC 01:30 06:00

From St. Petersburg
- EK 176 I 27APR LED - DXB 23:15 06:15+1
- EK 358 I 28APR DXB - CGK 10:45 22:10
- GA 600 D 29APR CGK - MDC 02:45 07:05

Day 1. April 29, 2023. Manado, Indonesia

After a comfortable flight you will land in Manado, the capital of the Indonesian province of North Sulawesi. Once this city was used for lively trade with the neighboring Philippines. Today Manado is a famous diving center in Indonesia. A Swan Hellenic representative will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. If you have free time, you will discover Manado's Dutch colonial architecture and local seafood delicacies.
This cosmopolitan port city is a combination of Indonesia's unique nature, amazing Sulawesi culture and endless recreational opportunities. Underwater enthusiasts will find seahorses, mandarin seals, clownfish, dogfish and sepia in Lembeh Strait. Take a walk through the jungle at the nearby Tangkoko Nature Reserve, where tufted macaws roam and longhorns.

Accomodation: hotel 5*
Meals included: -

Day 2. April 30, 2023. Bitung, Indonesia

Аfter breakfast, a transfer to the port of Bitung, about 30 km east of Manado. Boarding on the expedition vessel SH Minerva will go smoothly. After going through all the formalities, you will be able to relax in your cabin and have lunch. It's time to say goodbye to hospitable Indonesia as our ship heads for Laimasawa Island.

Accomodation: cabin in SH Minerva
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 3. May 01, 2023. At sea

You can spend your day at sea enjoying the many facilities available. Head to the sauna, get in a workout in the state-of-the-art gym or relax in the jacuzzi whilst taking in incredible views along the way. If you prefer to learn a little more about your surroundings, listen to an informative talk or have a chat with one of our knowledgeable on-board experts.

In the evening you can enjoy welcome cocktail s with the captain, officers and expedition team.

Accomodation: cabin in SH Minerva
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4. May 02, 2023. Laimasawa Island, Philippines

Serene Limasawa is a small island of enormous historical and religious significance. Located south of Leyte in the east-central region of the Philippines, Limasawa saw Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan first make proper contact with Filipino people in early 1521. It is said that the country's first Roman Catholic mass was celebrated here on Easter Sunday of that same year. This mass was a baptism for the country, and some 500 years later, the Philippines is one of only two Christian countries in South-east Asia. From the supposed site of the mass, visitors can climb some 450 steps to see Magellan's Cross and admire the God-given views. The water around Limasawa is renowned for its whale shark assemblages, for which scuba enthusiasts will travel long and far. Gatherings are migration dependent, but if you're lucky, you might enjoy swimming with the ocean's largest fish, whose placid nature belies its name.

Accomodation: cabin in SH Minerva
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5. May 03, 2023. Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Any stop in Cagayan de Oro is sure to involve three things: great food, great people and the great outdoors. Located in northern Mindanao, this friendly city is very much a base for outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, rock climbing and caving – some of which can be undertaken in nearby Mapawa National Park. Back in town, if you fancy some culture instead of adventure, the Malasag Eco-Tourism Village and Museum of Three Cultures come highly recommended. The town's exciting food scene spotlights the deliciousness of Filipino cuisine in all its bold sour, sweet and tangy glory. Adobo, kare-kare, lechon and halo-halo are all must-tries. Wash it all down with a beer: San Miguel founded its original brewery here in 1890, and it's the nation's go-to drink.

Accomodation: cabin in SH Minerva
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 6. May 04, 2023. Bohol Island (north coast), PhilippinesDay 6. May 04, 2023. Bohol Island (north coast), Philippines

Having sailed across the Bohol Sea, you arrive today at tiny Balicasag Island, about six km southwest of Panglao. One of the most popular diving spots in the Philippines, it is circled by a reef that has been declared a marine sanctuary where the sea here drops away to impressively deep submarine cliffs. Soft and hard corals are found around the drop-offs, as well as sublime multicoloured shoals. Afterwards, head to the city of Tagbilaran, a gateway to Bohol's jungly interior, where you can see the world's cutest (arguably) animal, tarsiers – nocturnal primates less than 16 cm high with distinctive bulbous eyes – at the conservation centre and sanctuary. Bohol is also famous for its Chocolate Hills, a quirk of geology that look like giant mole hills.

Accomodation: cabin in SH Minerva
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 7. May 05, 2023. Capul island and Ticao, Philippines

The friendly Capul island, named after Acapulco, has some of the best beaches in the Philippines. On this forested island in Northern Samar, west of Dalupiri, sits a Victorian-era landmark lighthouse, which served as a guidepost for the Acapulco-Manila trade vessels passing through the San Bernardino Strait who stopped over on the island. Other landmarks include a well-preserved church and a ruined fort complex with a watchtower. West of Capul island, Ticao is one of three major islands in the Masbate province. The island vibe is laid-back, while the culture remains authentic and unspoilt. Highlights include the 30-m-tall Catandayagan Falls that empty into the sea and the west coast's beaches. Ticao is surrounded by great snorkelling spots teeming with colourful corals and full of manta rays, but the nutrient rich-waters also host a large variety of other marine life, including whale sharks - the gentle giants of the sea - as well as hammerhead and tiger sharks.

Accomodation: cabin in SH Minerva
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 8. May 06, 2023. Sibuyan island, Philippines

West of the Masbate Islands, crescent-shaped Sibuyan Island's big draw is Mount Guiting-Guiting National Park. Keen amateur botanists and birders take note, this vast park is home to an estimated 700 plant species, more than 120 bird species and a scattering of rare mammals, including the small, nocturnal tube-nosed fruit bat; some of which are endemic. The park's namesake peak, whose name means 'jagged' in the local Romblomanon dialect, is truly spectacular – and it's often called the Philippines' best climb.

Accomodation: cabin in SH Minerva
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 9. May 07, 2023. Apo Reef, Philippines

Welcome to an underwater utopia. Today the ship will anchor so that you can explore the Apo Reef Natural Park. It's the largest contiguous coral reef in the Philippines and the second largest one in the world, and as such it's being considered for UNESCO World Heritage List status. Above the waterline, the area consists of three islands, and mangrove-strewn Apo Reef is the largest. Below the surface, the diving is something special, with sightings of sharks, barracuda, tuna and turtles reasonably frequent. There are around 400 species of coral here, from tiny effervescent bubble corals to bulging brain corals, along with hundreds of species of smaller reef fishes.

Accomodation: cabin in SH Minerva
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 10. May 08, 2023. Corregidor Island, Philippines

This morning, the historically curious will be delighted to stop at the fortress island of Corregidor. Known locally as 'The Rock', Corregidor stands fast at the entrance of Manila Bay and was the site of two major battles during World War II. Learn about these actions at the Malinta Tunnel and experience its sound and light show. History buffs can also enjoy visiting the Pacific War Memorial or the ruins of the Mile-Long Barracks.

Day 11. May 09, 2023. Manila, Philippines

In this teeming, sprawling metropolis, Manila, the capital of the Philippines buzzes with a creative, exciting energy, which infuses everything from art to food. Spend time in the city with so much to see and do: museums, the world's oldest Chinatown and the Chinese Cemetery are a few highlights. And make time to explore Intramuros – the old Spanish walled town at the heart of the city with Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church.

An exploratory expedition to the Philippine Islands in the company of Swan Hellenic experts is complete. After breakfast you will say goodbye to the crew and disembark. A transfer to the airport will be arranged for the expedition participants.
On your return home a pleasant surprise will be waiting for you. Traditionally, the Swan Hellenic team send each guest a link to download the film, which will include a photo and video report of the expedition cruise for a long lasting memory.

*Recommended flights:

To Moscow:

Via Abu Dhabi

- EY 423 C 09MAY MELN AUH 18:10 23:20
- EY 65 C10MAY AUH SVO 02:25 07:15

Via Doha
- QR 929 L 10MAY MNL - DOH 00:15 04:15
- QR 337 L 10MAY DOH - SVO 15:35 20:25

Via Dubai
- EK 333 I 09MAY MNL - DXB 18:15 23:20
- EK2144 I 10MAY DXB - VKO 01:30 06:10

To St. Petersburg
- EK 335 I 09MAY MNL - DXB 23:55 04:45+1
- EK 175 I 10MAY DXB - LED 15:45 20:50

* Please don't purchase tickets without our prior approval.

** Warning! Please keep in mind that this is a long-distance cruise to a remote region. All cruise activities depend on the ice and
weather conditions and are decided by the expedition leader and the captain on the spot. The actual cruise itinerary can vary. Animal encounters are likely but not guaranteed.
SH Minerva
A new-generation polar-class ice-strengthened expedition cruise ship
SH Minerva is a true luxury floating boutique hotel amidst the Antarctic Ocean.
Amenities offered on board include an open-air infinity pool overlooking the ocean and icebergs, fine dining restaurants offering specials from acclaimed chefs, an open observation deck, SPA
Available in all cabins:
  • Interactive TV
  • Mini bar
  • Safe
  • Air conditioning system
  • Pillow Menu
  • Hair dryer Babyliss
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Coffee machine
  • Service 24/7
  • 24-hour self-service laundry on deck
      • Cabin with window
        Area 19 sq.m. Maximum capacity 2 people
        5 cabins with a window are additionally equipped with a sofa and have a max. capacity 4 people.

      • Cabin with balcony
        Area 28 sq.m., including a panoramic balcony of 6 sq.m. Maximum capacity 2 people
      • Suit
        The area is 44 sq.m., including a panoramic balcony of 12 sq.m. Maximum capacity 4 people.
        Up to 5 people are allowed upon request.
        The suite can be combined with a cabin with a balcony, while the total area of the two combined cabins will be 72 m2.
        The bedroom is fitted with a Superking bed.
      • Premium Suit
        Area 49 sq.m., including a panoramic balcony of 12 sq.m. Maximum capacity 4 people.
        Up to 5 people are allowed upon request.
        For a large family, you can combine this cabin with a cabin with a balcony,
        the total area of the two combined cabins will be 77 sq.m.
        In this case, you can accommodate up to 9 people.
      Cost includes:

      • Return regional flights to the port of embarkation and/or disembarkation (where specified)
      • Group return transfers from the airport to the cruise port (via our included accommodation where applicable)
      • One night pre-cruise accommodation with breakfast in a 4/5-star hotel or onboard
      • All meals onboard
      • Onboard accommodation in a stateroom selected category
      • 24-hour room service
      • Coffee, tea, soft drinks and selected alcoholic beverages available 24-hours per day
      • Lecture programmes by our experienced expedition team and guest speakers
      • One selected shore excursion/expedition activities per port of call
      • Branded Swan Hellenic expedition parka and use of rubber boots in Polar Regions
      • Standard WiFi
      • Onboard gratuities & port taxes

      Cost excludes (to be additionally paid):

      • International flight to the starting port of the cruise and back at the end of the cruise
      • Compulsory health insurance
      • Travel insurance
      • Private Zodiac Boat Tours & Kayaking During the Cruise
      • Alcoholic beverages of premium brands,
      • Spa and beauty services, laundry services, shopping at retail stores on board

      To take with:

      • Shoes and clothing for arrival and departure cities;
      • A bodywarmer or sweatshirt;
      • A turtleneck jumper and a shirt;
      • T-shirts;
      • Jeans or other comfortable trousers;
      • Sports clothing for the onboard fitness centre;
      • Swimwear for visiting the spa and pool;
      • Two pairs of mittens, gloves, and glove liners;
      • A warm windproof hat;
      • A balaclava;
      • Warm socks (several pairs);
      • Trainers or comfortable shoes that make you feel comfortable on board;
      • Waterproof backpack for shore drop-offs;
      • A waterproof, airtight case for your camera and other electronic gear;
      • UV-protective sunglasses;
      • Sunscreen for face and lips, and hand cream;
      • Camera, extra memory cards and flash drives, removable batteries, and lenses;
      • Laptop or tablet for uploading photos;
      • Charges for electronics, adapters, and power banks as required;
      • An extra pair of eyeglasses;
      • Medical supplies prescribed by your doctor, with a few extra days to spare
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