Expedition with Mzungu to Yasur active volcano and Nagol rite of passage on Pentecost island


June 2 – 12, 2024,

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Dassanech Karo tribe Bulls jumping ceremony Assale Afar

Here, like a grand composer, Mount Yasur orchestrates a fiery symphony, transforming mundane gray into vibrant red notes, compelling your heart to dance in tune with nature's rhythm. Listen to the melody of flowing lava!

The Nagol Ritual is akin to a leap into the abyss, where spirits ascend to the heavens, leaving behind traces of genuine passion! Welcome to the tribal culture of Pentecost Island.

And then there's Champagne Beach, the Blue Hole with the bluest waters on our planet, and Million Dollar Point, a place every diver dreams of exploring!

Embarking on an expedition to Oceania is an invitation to be inspired, an opportunity to uncover your own wonders!

This expedition is a big Indiana Jones-like adventure deep in the Colombian Amazon and a unique chance to meet Barasana tribal group that contacted with an outer world only few times. The passionate German ethnographer who discovered this Barasana group in 2017, shares his feelings:
The expedition is co-led by our expert – the German passionate ethnographer Jurgen Kuller – a unique traveler who has been to Amazonia and Orinocia for ethnographic research far more than 10 times, of which twice in the Barasana tribe.

Dates: June 2 – 12, 2024

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

Number of participants: 12

Cost per person:
– 5 890 USD subject to 12 participants

10% early booking discount (in case you book before November 2, 2023)

Everything is included (also charter flight, 3 regular domestic flights, full board meals), except for:
– international flight to Port Vila roundtrip,
– international medical insurance,
– visa of Vanuatu (not required for Russian citizens).

Estimated cost of flight Moscow – Hong Kong – Moscow: USD 550 –700 (Usually bought on your own, we consult you).
Estimated cost of flight Hong Kong – Port Vila – Hong Kong: USD 850 – 950 (Usually bought on your own, we consult you).

Day 0. June 1, 2024 (Saturday). FLIGHT TO NADI (FIJI)

Departing with the flight to Nadi (Fiji).

Recommended flight to Nadi (Fiji):
– Flight with Fiji Airways FJ392 from Hong Kong to Nadi (Fiji) departing at 16:55 on June 1, arriving in Nadi (Fiji) at 7:05 am on June 2,
– any other flight from any city arriving in Nadi (Fiji) no later than at 9:00 am on June 2 in order to safely connect to the flight to Port Vila FJ263 from Nadi (Fiji) to Port Vila (Vanuatu) departing at 14:30 on June 2.

Accommodation included: no
Meals included: no

Day 1. June 2, 2024 (Sunday). NADI (FIJI) – PORT VILLA (VANUATU)

Early morning (at 7:05 am) arrival in Nadi (Fiji) from Hong Kong, or any other flight.
In order to connect with flight to Port Vila (Vanuatu) FJ263 departing at 14:30.

Arrive in Port Vila at 16:05 and transfer by private coach to Grand Hotel Port Vila.
Dinner at hotel or nearby restaurant and overnight at the hotel.

Recommended flight to Port Vila (Vanuatu):
– Flight with Fiji Airways FJ263 from Nadi (Fiji) to Port Vila (Vanuatu), departing at 14:30 on June 2, arriving in Port Vila (Vanuatu) at 16:05 on June 2.
– any other flight from any city arriving in Port Vila (Vanuatu) any time on June 2.

Accommodation included: Grand Hotel Port Vila
Meals included: dinner

Day 2. June 3, 2024 (Monday). PORT VILLA – ESPIRITU SANTOISLAND

At 7:00 am, after breakfast, check out from the rooms, leave things in the left-luggage office, and set off for guided walking tour of fresh food market, yacht marina and Vanuatu National Museum.

The museum is located in the beautiful building of the Vanuatu Cultural Center, specially built on a hill in the capital of Port Vila and opened in 1995. The museum presents the largest collection of 3500 monuments of national culture and art from all over the country. It shows exhibits related to the history and culture of a group of islands located in the South Pacific. The museum's permanent expositions contain most of the traditional artifacts: masks, ceremonial hats, slit gong drums (tamtam), weapons, animals and birds, fossils and ceramics, pottery, baskets and mats, large-scale models of canoes, a collection of unique drawings on the sand and even traditional kava drink.

Return to hotel for freshen up and have lunch at noon.

Private coach transfer to airport to catch flight NF208 to Espiritu Santo, departing at 14:00.

At 14:50 arrive in the largest island in the state of Vanuatu – Espiritu Santo (from the Spanish "espritu santo" - Holy Spirit).Transfer by hotel shuttle to Turtle Bay Lodge.

After check in at the hotel, we propose to arrange a day of relaxation with cool drinks on the magnificent ocean or take a snorkel exploring the local underwater flora and fauna of one of the nearby reefs. We relax and enjoy life, tomorrow will be a very busy day.

Dinner and overnight at Turtle Bay Lodge.

Accommodation included: Turtle Bay Lodge
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


Today we have a big adventure, we will spend the whole day exploring the local Millennium Cave. After breakfast at the hotel, at 7:00 am, we take swimming suits, T-shirts, and a spare set of dry clothes to change after the trekking and go to the heart of Santo Island.

Millennium Cave is Vanuatu's largest cave. It is located about an hour drive from our hotel. We are dropped off in a 15-minute walk from the entrance, and then we spend there all day. There will be lunch during the tour. Trekking is quite active and not simple, but very beautiful. We have to climb a lot on rocks and stairs, swim along rivers and canyons, bath in waterfalls and cave lakes. This will be a real adventure highlight of our expedition.

After lunch, very tired, dirty, wet and happy, we return to the resort (at 17:00).

Dinner at hotel and overnight Turtle Bay Lodge.

Accommodation included: Turtle Bay Lodge
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


Today after breakfast at the hotel, at 7:00 am, we start our day.We offer you to explore the most famous beach of the island, for the sake of which travelers and tourists from all over the world come here. First, however, we will explore Santo's famous Blue Holes, famous among travelers. On the island of Espiritu Santo, we will visit the Nando Blue Hole, also called Jackies.

The blue hole is a natural pool formed by the release of groundwater through layers of limestone. In these "holes" there is the bluest water in the world. Blue holes got their name due to the impressive contrast of deep dark blue water and lighter water around. Water temperature is +25 C. It is fresh and perfect for bathing in the heat. And we will do it.

Then we drive to Champagne Beach. It is one of the 10 best beaches on Earth! Champagne Beach is a half-moon shaped beach made of sand nearby a crystal clear lagoon surrounded by corals. Where did such an unusual name come from? This interesting phenomenon was observed by the first European travelers who visited the best beach in Vanuatu – in the shallow water of the lagoon at low tide the water bubbles and hisses like champagne. This amazing phenomenon is the result of gas emission from volcanic rock formations lying on the bottom of the lagoon. Champagne Beach is the main tourist attraction on the east coast of Espiritu Santo, the largest island of Vanuatu.

We have previously ordered lunch at the beautiful beach.

At 17:00 we return to the hotel. Dinner at hotel and overnight Turtle Bay Lodge.

Accommodation included: Turtle Bay Lodge
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


At 7:00 am, after breakfast, check out of hotel and transfer on hotel shuttle to Luganville town.

This morning we visit one of the most famous places in Vanuatu – especially valuable to diving enthusiasts. Because Espiritu Santo is considered a kind of mecca for divers and if you are really fond of diving, you probably heard about Million Dollar Point!

As a result, all these "gifts" were grown into coral, mineralized, overgrown with all kinds of underwater vegetation and became home for fish and crabs. And now Million-Dollar-Point is a real "mecca" for scuba divers, since there is no other such underwater burial in the world. The wreck of the American ship President Coolidge and the destroyer Tucker are also nearby.

After 3,5 hours snorkelling at Million Dollar Point (gear supplied by Pacific Dive), at 11:30 we change clothes and have lunch at Natongtong restaurant.

Transfer to airport and at 13:25 flight NF223 to Lonorore, Pentecost Island.

At 14:20 arrive in Lonorore and transfer by pickup truck to the village.

At 16:00 arrive to a traditional welcome at Pangi village, settle into Nak Guest House and take orientation walk around the village.

Traditional welcome feast dinner at Pangi village. Overnight at NakGuest House

Accommodation included: Nak Guest House
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


After breakfast, at 8:00 am, we have Pentecost tribal culture tour at Pangi village, which includes tribal hunting, fishing, gardening and cooking demonstrations.

Here we go for another goal of our expedition to Vanuatu – the rite of Nagol! We will be briefed on tribal initiation practices and Nagol land diving preparations.

After local style lunch, at 13:00 we have Warbot River jungle hiking excursion and waterfall site seeing.

In the evening dinner at village and overnight at Nak Guest House.

Accommodation included: Nak Guest House
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


After breakfast, at 8:00 am, we picked up by truck to Nagol land diving venue and observe setup and procedure of land diving event with its traditional rituals (lunch at venue).

It is believed that the idea of the popular today bungee jumping originated in Europe or New Zealand, but in fact it's wrong. Real jumpers live on the island of Pentecost in the Republic of Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific. Nagol, an aboriginal initiation rite, is held annually among the locals. Boys tied to their feet with lianas need to jump from a wooden tower, the height of which reaches from 20 to 30 meters!

According to legend, the first extreme jumper was a woman. During a family quarrel, escaping from a tyrant husband named Tamale, she climbed a tall tree and hid. When her husband managed to find her, she fearlessly jumped down from a great height. The beauty managed to survive, because she previously tied flexible liana to her ankles, which did not allow her to break, but her husband who rushed after her, died. Since then, the tradition of Nagol was born, but now only men jump, proving their bravery.

It takes about a month to prepare for Nagol: the elder of the tribe, together with the men who decided to jump, build the ritual tower with special care, linking trunks and tree branches with lianas. The tower is crowned by a wooden platform with which brave guys make their dizzying flights. The Feast of Naked is held in the spring: from April 15 to the second decade of June. The reason is simple – during this period a certain variety of vines is poured with juice and becomes elastic like rubber, so that Melanesians can use it for jumping.

The rite of initiation is a prerequisite for marriage, a rite of passage, so the whole tribe is going to look at the action. Girls come in beautiful outfits, since a successful bridegroom on that day can marry one this day. Those who could not overpower themselves are doomed to disrespect, although they can postpone the jump until next year.

The highest skill is considered a jump when a young man touches the earth with shoulders slightly, this is connected with the cult of fertility: a man thus fertilizes the earth, asking the gods for mercy and a good harvest. The first jump is always made by a married man, setting an example, and then anyone over 10 years old can go through the rite. However, do not forget that not all jumps are successful: several people die every year during this action.

Even the Queen of Great Britain herself flew here to see this unique event.

Afternoon return to Pangi village.

Dinner at village and overnight Nak Guest House (includes breakfast)

Accommodation included: Nak Guest House
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 8. June 9, 2024 (Sunday). PENTECOST ISLAND – TANNA ISLAND

After breakfast, at 7:00 am, transfer by pickup truck to Lonororeairport.

At 9:00 am charter flight from Lonorore direct to Tanna Island (Air Vanuatu Twin Otter airplane or 2 airplanes of Vanuatu Air Taxi BNI Islander). Arrive in Tanna airport at 10:30 am and transfer on hotel shuttle. Settle in to rooms Whitegrass Ocean Resort or TannaEvergreen Resort. At noonlunch at hotel.

At 12:30 depart hotel by private coach to Giant Banyan Tree to get acquainted with the locals who live in the village among the giant banyan trees. Traditional dances will be arranged specially for us. Everyone can take part in this fun event.

Rainforest hike with nature guide. At 15:30 return to hotel for afternoon visit to Kiss Kiss Beach and Tanna Blue Hole 2 – optional reef snorkelling.

Dinner at hotel and overnight at Whitegrass Ocean Resort or TannaEvergreen Resort

Accommodation included: Whitegrass Ocean Resort or TannaEvergreen Resort
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


After breakfast, at 8:00 am, we leave for the whole day, we take with us: boxed lunch, swimwear, masks, fins and set off for new incredible experiences.

First of all, we will go to the part of the island called Port Resolution. There is a very beautiful large bay and the beach of the same name. It was this bay that James Cook arrived, who discovered the island in 1774 and called it Tanna. Having landed on the island, Cook asked the locals what the island is called, while raising a handful of soil, to which one islander replied: "Tanna" (translated from the Nufai language - "soil"). The traditional name of the island is "Parei". The voyager also tried to climb the Yasur volcano, however, he was prevented by the locals because they worshiped the volcano and considered it as a shrine. Cook's ship was called "Resolution" during that voyage,therefore this bay was also named in his honor. We will stay in this paradise for a while, swim, sunbathe, and snorkel, as here are very beautiful underwater landscapes. We have lunch with the boxes brought with us.

After lunch, our path lies further through slag fields and the former Siwi lake, which completely run-off in 2000 to the Yasurvolcano. James Cook mentions its existence and active eruption in his diary. Yasur Volcano (Mt Yasur) is one of the most accessible and spectacular active volcanoes in the world. Its height is only 361 meters above sea level, and the dimensions of the crater are 300 meters wide and 100 meters deep. Nevertheless, a visit to this ancient volcano will give an unforgettable experience. Even at the approaches, we will hear deep inner moans and rumble, we will see a rock explosion and ashes thrown high into the sky, we will feel how the earth trembles under our feet. An active volcano is an incredible thing that you will remember for a lifetime.

Having admired the prehistoric show, we will set off on the return trip.

At dinner in the hotel we will exchange impressions.

Overnight at Whitegrass Ocean Resort or Tanna Evergreen Resort.

Accommodation included: Whitegrass Ocean Resort or TannaEvergreen Resort
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


After breakfast, at 8:00 am, depart hotel by private coach for full day trip (we take boxed lunch) to Lenakel market, Tafutuna village and village of Yakel tribe for traditional cultural experiences.

The first village to visit will be Tafutuna. It was built by immigrants from the island of Futuna in full accordance with the traditions of their tribe. They even recreated a traditional cave. Houses, life, dancing – everything is like in all tribes but, it is somewhat different from others.

Our next stop is Louinio Custom Village, which is home to representatives of the Yakel tribe. Among all traditional villages, it is one of the most interesting in the sense that all residents observe customs unchanged for many centuries.

Unlike the previous one, this village is real and most of the locals communicate only in their native language, communication is possible only through one resident of the village who knows English. Residents of the village of Louinio belong to the YakelTribe. Their traditions and customs are very interesting and diverse, and we will be able to get acquainted with some of them personally.

After a mandatory acquaintance with the chief and residents of the village, they will tell us about the culture, customs and basic taboos, as well as offer traditional dish called lap lap. There are many options for this dish, but usually it is made of bananas, cassava, spinach and coconut, baked in banana leaf. After lunch, there will be traditional dances in our honor, they will show how the village is arranged and life is established. Those who want can buy souvenirs, and the most courageous ones can even feed a pig.

Dinner at hotel, overnight at Whitegrass Ocean Resort or TannaEvergreen Resort.

Accommodation included: Whitegrass Ocean Resort or TannaEvergreen Resort
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


Breakfast. You can spend the morning with a mask and fins in the hotel's lagoon (on the reef very often you can see turtles) or just lay in the sun with a glass of cold cocktail.

At noon lunch at hotel and at 12:30 transfer on hotel shuttle to Tannaairport. At 13:50 flight NF241 from Tanna to Port Vila.

At 14:10 arrival in Port Vila and connection with flight FJ262 to Nadi(Fiji) that departs from Port Vila at 16:50 (we can have dinner on flight).

Arrival in Nadi (Fiji) at 20:05. Connection flight to Hong Kong or any other city.

Recommended flight from Port Vila:– Flight with Fiji Airways FJ262 from Port Vila to Nadi (Fiji) departing at 16:50 on June 12, arrival in Nadi (Fiji) at 20:05 (extra night in the hotel in Nadi, Fiji would be required and extra paid)

Recommended flight from Nadi (Fiji):– Flight with Fiji Airways FJ391 from Nadi (Fiji) to Hong Kong departing at 8:20 on June 13 (extra night in the hotel in Nadi, Fiji would be required and extra paid), arriving in Hong Kong at 14:50 on June 13,

– any other flight from Nadi (Fiji) to any city departing from Nadi (Fiji) no later than at 1:00 am on June 13.

Accommodation included: no
Meals included: breakfast, lunch

* Operator is not financially liable in case of changes in flight schedule that might be introduced by airlines. In case some of regular flights are canceled (or rescheduled) and cannot be replaced with other regular flights, the participants equally share the cost of charter flight that is not planned in the program but might be needed in order to support the itinerary. Otherwise the program might be respectively changed.

** The order of visits and excursions can be modified according to local conditions, i.e. flight schedule, security situation etc. If some visits and/or tours could not be done due to external conditions, they will be replaced when possible.

*** The participant of expedition to Vanuatu must be motivated to be respectful to the culture of local tribes and cultures, be aware of the objectives of the trip and possible program changes depending on flight schedule, weather conditions, security conditions and any other reasons, be in a good shape, as well as be able to adapt to the new environment and culture.

Cost includes:

- 1 charter domestic flight
- 3 regular domestic flights
- accommodation in very good 4* hotels, based on TWIN/DBL
- accommodation in guest house on Pentecost Island, based on TWIN/DBL
- full board meals (3 meals a day) throughout the whole trip
- drinking water at all accommodations
- all transfers airport-hotel-airport
- transportation services (minibuses, SUVs), including driver and fuel
- services of English speaking local guide
- English speaking team leader Mzungu, translation into Russian
- porters
- entrance fees to parks
- all events indicated in the program, cultural fees
- all program activities and tours
- snorkeling equipment

Cost excludes (to be additionally paid)

- flights from your city to Port Vila (Vanuatu) and back
- international medical insurance
- visa (not required for Russian citizens)
- any kind of beverages and personal expenses
- tips
- airlines excess baggage charge
- single accommodation

To take with:

· two wear sets (trousers, long sleeve shirt, T-shirt, underwear, socks, sun hat);
· comfortable and hard wearing shoes: 1) light ones for the towns; 2) trekking snickers or shoes for time in the villages, trekking and photography;
· light trekking jacket;
· raincoat;
· swimsuit;
· sun glasses and sun protection cream;
· personal medical kit (analgesic, antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, intestinal, multivitamins, rehydration, court plaster, your personal medicine);
· personal hygiene means;
· forehead torch;
· travel backpack or travel bag, up to 80 liters capacity;
· small backpack for personal stuff and photo-, video cameras;
· anti mosquito net for sleeping place;
· anti mosquito repellents;
· anti malaria prevention medicine (up to you);
· photo camera, video camera, tripod
· waterproof bag

This expedition is led by
    Founder of MZUNGU EXPEDITIONS. An ideologist and a team leader of many expeditions, including the first Russian expedition in Niger for Cure Salée festival, the first commercial expedition to Yanomami tribe in Venezuela, the first Russian dog expedition to Cape Dezhnev.
    Ethnographer, photographer, author of numerous publications in Discovery and Vokrug Sveta magazines, member of the Russian Geographical Society.
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